Candy crush level 70 how to beat it

candy crush level 70 how to beat it

Candy Crush Level 70 Tips

Candy Crush Level 70 is one of the first extremely hard levels in Candy Crush Saga. In Level 70, you must clear 28 jelly squares as well as score at least 60, points to make it to the next level. 43% of people stop playing Candy Crush at this level and we know why its hard! There are a few things that make this level so difficult. Looking for Candy Crush level 70 cheats? Here is how to beat level 70 on Candy Crush Saga easily. To beat this level, you must crush 28 double jelly squares in 50 moves or fewer.

Nice job, but be ready for another challenging map. Are you getting tired of those yet? So, lets get to it. You will notice that all of the jelly is located on the right side of the map. If possible, work on that side to start. Be careful not to break the licorice cages, however, as this will release the chocolate squares and they can be a nuisance. Clear as much of the jelly above cahdy cages as you can before anything else.

The best scenario would be creating several horizontally cruwh candies to break the chocolate squares in 7 other section or combining a striped candy and a wrapped candy to break the chocolate and the licorice at the same time.

Once what county is seabrook tx manage to clear the chocolate and the jelly, this level is a breeze. At this point, try crusg focus solely on the right side. A striped candy and a wrapped candy can clear plenty of the jelly. However, even basic combinations can get you tk at this point, the combinations are solely to shoot for a better score. Candy Crush Level 70 Tips.

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Candy Crush Saga Level 70 Hints

Here you’ve arrived on Candy Crush level Nice job, but be ready for another challenging map. You’ve made it this far, so by using our Candy Crush tips this level shouldn’t hinder you for very long.. You’ll notice this is another level that’s divided into two sections. Aug 11,  · Level 70 is a super-annoying level. The candy never seems to fall where you want it to, and it can take many tries to get through. If you can see a series of good matches on the right, then start on the right, but be aware that the chocolate will start to spread once you crush through the licorice locked candy. Otherwise start on the left. Mar 12,  · Welcome to the hardest level in the saga, Candy Crush Level Here you will find all the tips, tricks, guides and strategies needed to beat Candy Crush Lev.

Candy Crush level 70 is the fifth level in Easter Bunny Hills and the 38th jelly level. To beat this level, you must crush 28 double jelly squares in 50 moves or fewer. You have 6 candy colors and 64 available spaces.

You can get a maximum of , points. Strategy : Get rid of the chocolate immediately. Do not unlock the liquorice locks until all of it is gone. Work the left side of the board to start.

You do not want a frozen board. Keeping some moves available on the right side will prevent having to waste moves for a reshuffle. Create as many special candies, preferably on the right side of the board or near to the bottom of the left, as you can. If you can drop a special candy onto the right section from the bottom left, do so.

Odds are it will be more useful on the right side, especially wrapped candies. Always look out for opportunities to make color bombs. Mix these with a striped or wrapped candy and you will have most of the board cleared. By themselves, color bombs can create matches on the right side of the board, which can give way to cascades and more special candies. Use the matches on the right side of the board to your advantage.

Sometimes a match on the right side of the board can help you place a candy on the left side to a position where it can make a special candy. Be patient, wait till you get a lucky board. In Candy Crush Saga the outcome of an individual game depends largely on luck, what proportion of games a player wins depends finally on skill. Focus on creating horizontally striped special candies and sprinkle candies. These 2 special candies will let you hit the right side of the board and prevent the chocolate from taking over.

The wrapped candy is useful only when paired with a striped candy, which can clear a lot of the board and chocolate. Always remember that the chocolate will not multiply if you make a move that touches it, so if you have an opportunity to make a move next to the chocolate, use it!. If you make moves on the right hand side of the board, you will notice the candies in the corresponding column on the left hand side will move down, and the bottom candies on the left hand side will move to the top of the candies on the right hand side.

Noticing this direction of travel can be useful in numerous ways. First, a special candy you created on the left hand side that you may think is useless can be brought over to the right hand side where it can be very helpful. Once the vertical striped candy has moved to the right hand side, activating that candy will eliminate jelly and chocolate, when it would have done nothing if activated on the left hand side.

Do not be tempted to activate special candies that have no purpose specific to your goal on Candy Crush Level 70!. You can better position your special candies on the left hand side in order to eliminate specific rows on the right hand side that you want them to.

You can look for any moves on either side of the board, including the right side, that are below the striped candy that will move it down one, while not affecting the other column with the wrapped candy in it.

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