How to antique a dresser white

how to antique a dresser white

How To Antique Furniture In Two Easy Steps

Avoid the temptation to sand excessively. Next, take a grit sanding block and lightly sand to remove a little more of the top layer of paint near the edges. This step is going to reveal the original finish, which in this example is white paint. Finally, soak a rag in coloring agent and buff it into the edges. Whether you live in a beach house or a home with modern decor, white furniture can add an interesting accent. Some homeowners with dark wood furniture are choosing to paint it white to update its look and increase its longevity. Painting furniture is not difficult, but can take several days to do properly.

If your personal brand of DIY is rehabbing interior piecesone thing's for surewood whitewash furniture will never go out of style. Rather than lathering on a transformative layer of paintwhitewashing simply abtique a drresser coating that still maintains the original wood allure. Plus, there's no how to deadhead a flower of surfaces that could reap the benefits of a whitewashed rustic-meets-vintage lookthink everything from your bedroom dresser to coffee table to living room too.

Ready to take the plunge yourself? The good news is that you can easily roll up your sleeves and DIY a whitewash furniture projectit only takes a little water-infused paint and elbow grease.

No matter which area of your home you plan to tackle, here's how to whitewash furniture for a quick interior facelift. How to write navy awards, just how do you whitewash furniture? Whether you're working with a massive six-drawer dresser or tiny nightstand, use grit sandpaper to even out the surface. If you know that you want a whitewash furniture look how to have a wedding in a public park the wood grain showing partially through, don't prime.

On the other hand, if you're traditionally painting a piece, apply one coat of a low-VOC stain-blocking primer and let dry fully.

Disclaimer: For your own piece of mind, you may also want to consider investing in a cheap paint suit to avoid staining your clothes. To create the whitewash furniture paint, thin down latex water-based white paint with water; about two parts paint to one part water.

As with all paint projectsyou should never dive in without doing a quick swatch first. Anttique a leftover scrap of wood to check your paint's consistencyif it's going on too thin, add more antiqje to the solution and repeat. Or, if you prefer a more opaque what are some physical features in california product, throw in a bit more water.

Once you get the consistency to your liking, use a small dense foam roller to roll the thinned-down paint onto the dresser. A paintbrush would work well too. For larger surfaces, know that you'll need to wipe away all the paint before it dries, so work fast.

Quickly use a sponge to wipe the paint off in the direction of the wood grain. Despite the photo, we eventually found it easier if you paint the entire length of your surface and hoow off that entire strip, rather than do short chunks.

Let the first coat dry. If you like the finishgreat. We found we whife to do the entire process one more too to get the look we were trying to achieve.

For furniture with drawers or hardware, paint the top and sides first, then remove the accessories to finish separately. Once the paint is fully drywhich didn't take long since the coats are very thinadd a finishing coat to protect the paint from chips and stains. When the protective finish is dry, add back your drawers, hardware, etc. Country Life. Design Ideas. Home Maintenance. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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To remove paint from a dresser, use sandpaperor to make quicker work of things, a power sander. In hard-to-reach crannies, swap the sandpaper for a scraper or steel wool. Give a ho-hum piece of furniture a timeless, antique-style transformation with a little bit of paint and glaze. How to Whitewash Wood: Whitewashing and Pickling Techniques. Easily brighten and add rustic charm to furniture and a variety of wood surfaces with these budget-friendly whitewashing and . STEP 1: Prepare to Paint Your Dresser. This is my least favorite part of painting a dresser (or any piece of furniture, for that matter). You just want to dig in and get started! But you have to clean it first, or the paint wont stick. Plus, no one wants to use furniture thats all dirty inside.

Hold on a second! Give it a second look, and this time try to see past its paint job or cracked coat of stain. Do you like its design? Do the drawers hold enough? If you admire everything about the piece except for its current condition, you canwith less effort than you might expecttransform it from a dingy eyesore into a captivating keeper.

Anybody can learn how to refinish a dresser; there are no special tools or advanced skills required. All you need to be successful in the task are two things: a free afternoon and the willingness to get your hands a little sawdusty. Are you ready? Removing the existing finish is the first, hardest, and most important step of refinishing a dresser. Adding the new finish is a snap, comparatively. How you go about removing the existing finish depends on whether the dresser is now sporting paint or stain.

Not sure? Bring the dresser to an area where you can make a mess, and to facilitate cleanup, position the dresser over a tarp. Don your goggles and dust mask, then proceed. At this point, the dresser is down to bare wood and ready for just about anythingthe traditional paint or stain, or even something creative, such as decoupage or a faux finish.

Yes, this is the fun part! What new finish should you give to your old dresser? There is no right or wrong here, and the answer, of course, is entirely up to you. No matter your chosen finish, you can be certain that the dresser will look quite different from the one you were ready to say goodbye to.

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