How to copy same date in excel

how to copy same date in excel

Excel: How to FILL a Column, Row, Range with the SAME DATA

What if you want to enter a date (say, in Column D) and copy it to a certain cell in the same column? let’s say that you want to fill cells D1:D with the date: 01/01/ consider the following solution: 1) select cell D1 2) Press F5 (or Ctrl+G) 3) Type D and press OK 4) Press Ctrl+Shift + ^ 5) Press F2 and type 01/01/ 6) Press CTRL+ENTER. Apr 07,  · Ctrl Key + Auto Fill. Enter a 1 in the first cell and press Ctrl+Enter to keep the cell selected. Press & hold the Ctrl key. Use the fill handle to drag the number down one cell. A 2 will be placed in the next cell. Double-click the fill handle to perform the fill series on the column.

Cpoy just a little problem though — cell referencing changes when you copy cells with formulas, which can set things completely out of whack. This is how to copy cell values and formulas without changing the figures. The easiest way by far to copy cell values only without the parent formula is to use the Paste Special option. You can also highlight the range, right-click, and select Copy. On the destination range, right-click and choose Paste Special.

Hover over the different options available to find out the one you need. In this case, the second group first option is "Paste Values". Dragging dte a way to copy the same cell value in the case of absolute cell referencing. Because of the absolute referencing, the values won't change.

To drag, hover the cursor over the bottom right corner of a cell until it changes into a thick cross, then drag it over the desired range. It also works between different worksheets what causes urine leakage at night with more complex formulas.

Double-clicking on the cross fills the column without having to drag, going as far as there is data on the excrl column. Note that you can also use mixed referencing to vary column values but not row values, and vice versa. Click on the cell which contains the formula you want to copy.

To excsl formula bar and highlight the formula. Press the Esc button to exit from cooy formula bar, which prevents a change in reference. One of the favorite sneaky ways to make sure you only copy values is to copy the cell formula or values and paste onto Sticky Notes or Notepad first. Doing ohw strips ecxel text of any formatting and dynamic referencing. Unfortunately, it won't work with very large values. It works great to strip away cell formatting styles though.

For large data ranges, Find and Replace is an ultra-helpful tool. To begin with, select the range swme cells that you want to copy. For example, let's say you use the sign. Close tk Find and Replace dialog box. Reverse the process and replace the unique character with an equal sign to reconvert the how to help native americans to formulas.

Sometimes, you want to copy the text in a cell but not the formatting that comes with it. In dtae case, there are a couple of simple tricks you can use. Select a special paste option. To do this, right-click on the destination cell, go to paste special, and hover over the potential options to see which ones you want.

Options include paste formula, paste formatting, paste value, paste pictures, etc. That is just some of the easier ways you can use to copy cell values while maintaining the values involved. Skip to content. Paste Special Excel The easiest way by far to copy cell values only without the parent formula is to use the Paste Special option. Drag with absolute referencing Dragging is a way to copy the same cell value in the case of absolute cell referencing.

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May 18,  · Use the AutoFill handle to quickly enter a series of dates, or a list with all dates the same. Mar 26,  · Insert the same data into multiple cells using Ctrl+Enter. Select all the blank cells in a column. Press F2 to edit the last selected cell and type some data: it can be text, a number, or a formula (e.g. " _unknown_ ") Press Ctrl+Enter instead of Enter. All the selected cells will be filled with the. Microsoft Excel offers several tools you can use when you need to fill a column with the same text or numbers. Instead of completing each cell manually, you can quickly fill in the entire column.

Until recently, there has been just one easy way to generate dates in Excel - the AutoFill feature. This tutorial takes an in-depth look at both methods so that you can choose the one that works best for you. When you need to fill a column with dates in Excel, the fastest way is to use the AutoFill feature.

Excel will immediately generate a series of dates in the same format as the first date that you typed manually. To auto generate a series of days, weekdays, months or years with a specific step , this is what you need to do:. Because internally in Excel dates are stored as serial numbers, the function can easily produce a date series too.

All you have to do is to correctly configure the arguments as explained in the following examples. For example, to make a list of 10 dates starting with August 1, and increasing by 1 day, the formula is:.

Alternatively, you can input the number of dates B1 , start date B2 and step B3 in predefined cells and reference those cells in your formula.

Since we are generating a list, the columns number 1 is hardcoded:. Type the below formula in the topmost cell A6 in our case , press the Enter key, and the results will spill across the specified number of rows and columns automatically. INTL function this way:.

As the WORKDAY function adds the number of days specified in the second argument to the start date, we subtract 1 from it to have the start date itself included in the results. Where B1 is the sequence size. In this case, you put the target year in the 1 st argument and day in the 3 rd argument. Based on the above parameters, the DATE function produces a series of dates like shown in the left part of the screenshot below:.

To display only the month names , set one of the below custom date formats for the spill range:. As the result, only the month names will appear in cells, but the underlying values will still be full dates. In both series in the screenshot below, please notice the default right alignment typical for numbers and dates in Excel:. The EDATE function returns a date that is the specified number of months before or after the start date.

Please notice that the start argument is set to 0, so that the start date gets included in the results. For example, if you input the start date in B1, the following formula will output a series of 10 dates in one-year increments:. After being formatted as dates , the results will look as follows:. Assuming the start time is in B1, you can use one of the following formulas to produce a series of 10 times. The difference is only in the step argument. The screenshot below shows the results:.

If you do not want to bother calculating the step manually, you can define it by using the TIME function :. For this example, we'll input all the variables in separate cells like shown in the screenshot below. And then, you can use the below formula to generate a time series with any increment step size you specify in cells E2 hours , E3 minutes and E4 seconds :. You use the SEQUENCE function to generate a 6 rows the max possible number of weeks in a month by 7 columns the number of days in a week array of dates incremented by 1 day.

Hence, the rows , columns and step arguments raise no questions. The trickiest part in the start argument. We cannot start our calendar with the 1 st day of the target month because we do not know which day of the week it is.

So, we use the following formula to find the first Sunday before the 1 st day of the specified month and year:. In our case, it's corresponding to August 1, At this point, we have:. In our case, it's 7 because August 1, is Saturday. And our formula reduces to:. Format the results as dates, and you'll get a calendar shown in the screenshot above.

For example, you can use one of the following date formats :. Wait, but we aim to create a monthly calendar. Why do some dates of the previous and next month show up? To hide away those irrelevant dates, set up a conditional formatting rule with the below formula and apply the white font color:. Where A5 is the leftmost cell of your calendar and B2 is the target month. For the detailed steps, please see How to create a formula-based conditional formatting rule in Excel.

That's how you can generate a sequence of dates in Excel. I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week! Date sequence in Excel - formula examples. Select the cell with the initial date and drag the fill handle a small green square at the bottom-right corner down or to the right. Excel will immediately generate a series of dates in the same format as the first date that you typed manuall'.

I followed this step in excel for Android and it didn't populate the empty cells. I had to hit "auto fill" in the context menu so the function is there. So idk what to do. Any idea? I have a cell which has "Jun". Now I need to increment it every year.

Say, by Jun 1st this year it should change to "Jun". Is this possible using your steps? Thanks in advance. An Excel formula can change the value only in the cell that it is pasted in. How would you create a sequence of 20 same days then increment by 1 to create another 20 days and repeat for say days?

How to create a sequence of dates in Excel and auto fill date series by Svetlana Cheusheva updated on March 1, 6 Comments. How to fill date series in Excel Auto fill a date series in Excel Fill a column with weekdays, months or years Fill a series of dates with a specific step How to get a date sequence in Excel with a formula Create a sequence of dates in Excel Make a series of working days Get a sequence of months Generate a series of years Create a sequence of times How to make a monthly calendar How to fill date series in Excel When you need to fill a column with dates in Excel, the fastest way is to use the AutoFill feature.

Auto fill a date series in Excel Filling a column or row with dates that increment by one day is very easy: Type the initial date in the first cell. Fill a column with weekdays, months or years To create a series of workdays, months or years, do one of the following: Fill a column with sequential dates as described above.

After that, click the AutoFill Options button and pick the desired option, say Fill Months : Or you can enter your first date, right-click the fill handle, hold and drag through as many cells as needed. When you release the mouse button, a context menu will pop-up letting you select the needed option, Fill Years in our case: Fill a series of dates incrementing by N days To auto generate a series of days, weekdays, months or years with a specific step , this is what you need to do: Enter the initial date in the first cell.

Select that cell, right-click the fill handle, drag it through as many cells as needed, and then release. In the pop-up menu, choose Series the last item. In the Series dialog box, select the Date unit of interest and set the Step value.

Click OK. All the formulas discussed here only work in the latest versions of Excel that support dynamic arrays. In pre-dynamic Excel , Excel and Excel , please use the AutoFill feature as shown in the first part of this tutorial. With the default General format, the results will appear as serial numbers. To have them displayed correctly, be sure to apply the Date format to all the cells in the spill range.

Tips and notes: If a start date is Saturday or Sunday, the series will begin on the next working day. INTL function instead. After completing a formula, please remember to apply an appropriate date format to the results for them to display correctly. Category: Excel Tips and How-to. November 2, at pm. Ben says:.

January 4, at am. Excel will immediately generate a series of dates in the same format as the first date that you typed manuall' I followed this step in excel for Android and it didn't populate the empty cells.

Sunil says:. January 28, at am. Alexander Trifuntov Ablebits. John Hall says:. April 6, at pm. April 7, at am. After that you can copy this formula down along the column. Post a comment Click here to cancel reply. Thank you for your comment! When posting a question, please be very clear and concise. This will help us provide a quick and relevant solution to your query. We cannot guarantee that we will answer every question, but we'll do our best :.

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