How to create an alternate personality

how to create an alternate personality

Creating Alters in Dissociative Identity Disorder

Apr 26,  · Creating alters (alternate personalities) in dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a helpful way to deal with different personalities. I don't know exactly how to tell someone to create an alter, but it seems that when there is a need for one, it will come to be. One such time was with my little girl alter. Sep 30,  · Craft a fitting backstory for your alter ego. Characters seldom exist in creative vacuums. Giving your alter ego a compelling (yet fitting) personal history can give a sense of realism to their appearance and personality. It can also help you decide these things if Views: K.

To create this article, 26 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has hod viewedtimes. Learn more Some of history's most important and distinctive figures have created alter egos for a vast array of purposes.

A good alter ego can keep your true identity peesonality or help you mentally compartmentalize particularly difficult opinions or actions. Whether you're an amateur superhero looking to hide your true mild-mannered self or a subversive writer hoping to protect your reputation from the backlash of a society that's not ready to accept your vision, a good alter-ego can be vital to helping you achieve your goals.

This guide will help you custom-tailor an alter ego to your unique situation. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email aoternate continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts.

Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Author Info Last Updated: May 27, Part 1 of Define a goal for your alter ego. Why are you creating an alter ego? What goal do you seek to accomplish? Personakity you creating an alter ego for fun or for a serious purpose? The answers to these questions will affect your decision making when you make your alter ego.

For instance, if alternae trying to make a nom de plume so your name won't appear on a work of art that will be considered controversial, you might need to create nothing more than a fake name.

However, if you're a musician and you want to broaden your creative range by adopting a shocking new persona, you might choose to craft a detailed story and personality for your character.

Scale your ambitions to your purpose when creating an alter ego. As long as you don't start blurring the mental line between your alter ego and your true self, feel free to create as detailed of an alter ego as you see fit.

Give your alter ego a personality and voice. Your alter ego's most important trait is their personality - how do they speak and act? Will this alter ego be a mere stand-in for yourself - in other words, will it be just like you except for their name? Or will it be a unique character with a personality distinct from yours? Make your choice based on your goal for your alter ego. If you're writing a semi-autobiographical work, your self-insert character should probably speak and act like you.

However, if you're creating a superhero alter ego for yourself, you might want your character to be exaggeratedly dashing and showy - more so than any normal person. Often, alter egos are endowed with traits that their creators lack. By assuming this alter ego, the creator can attempt to overcome difficulties uow by their personality defects.

For instance, if you're normally timid and shy, you might assume a cocky, confident alter ego when you're at a party full of people you don't know. Give your alter ego a distinctive appearance. How does your alter ego look? Do they have an unassuming, yet memorable appearance or do they pfrsonality out in a crowd? Your character's appearance should match or compliment their personality - if you've designed a character who's a slimy used car salesman, you might choose to have him wear garish suits, keep his hair slicked back, and sport a big, insincere smile, for instance.

If your alter ego is a larger-than-life figure howw an alien or a superhero, you might even need to design an over-the-top costume to reflect their superhuman status. If you're planning to masquerade as your alter ego in real life, keep your own looks in mind when designing your character. Make sure you can realistically imitate your character by changing clothes, using makeup, etc. If you're a lb professional sumo wrestler, your skinny computer hacker alter ego might have to remain in the realm of fiction.

Craft a fitting backstory for your alter ego. Characters seldom exist in creative vacuums. Giving your alter ego a compelling yet fitting personal history can give a sense of realism to their appearance and personality.

It can also help you decide these things if you're having trouble thinking of good ideas. Your character's backstory can be vague or detailed. It can be ordinary or remarkable. There are no "correct" choices when designing a backstory - only logical ones that reflect the character's personality and appearance. When writing your alter ego's story, ask yourself questions like: Where did my alter ego come from?

What kind of life did they have? What experiences have dance floor you and me that what it for been shaped by? Who have they known and have had relationships with? Brainstorm suitable names. This is the most fun part of the entire process! A good, catchy name can take an alter ego from merely interesting to iconic. Make a list of names, including even ideas that you think are silly or inappropriate - they may lead you towards a truly inspiring name.

Think of names that fit rceate alter ego's purpose. If you're a foreign spy embedded in the American Midwest, for instance, you want a boring, unassuming name like "Chris Stephens. Rapper Nas sometimes refers to himself as "Nas Escobar" - a reference to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and a reflection of his sinister personality.

Crsate common trick is to pick a name that in some way references your own name. Your alter gow can be an anagram for your own name or some other word or phrase as in the Harry Potter series of books, where the main villain uses his real name, How to get moshlings on cupcake game Marvolo Riddle, to spell the anagram "I am Lord Voldemort.

Lo or Lola. Fill in the small details about your alter ego. Give your character real depth by giving him or her unique, specific traits. Real people have peculiarities and quirks, so your character will seem more real if he or she does too. You may want to choose details that match your character's role or personality - a grizzled mercenary alter ego may walk with a slight limp as the result of altetnate old unexplained injury. Conversely, you may want to pick traits that contrast interestingly with the background you've given your character.

For instance, you might give the same mercenary character a childish enthusiasm for playing tiddlywinks. Good alter egos, like real people, are complicated and often contradictory. Part 2 of Put your alter rceate into practice. Now that you've designed a distinctive alter ego, it's time to walk a mile in their shoes!

Scrutinize your actions and your "voice" - for instance, think about whether your character would walk or talk in a certain way based on their backstory and personality. Gather materials or clothing and make a costume for your alter ego thrift stores can be a good choice for their low prices and out-of-style clothing.

Only you can decide how far to take your alter ego - with luck, your character may even become more well-known than you! Stay in character. Your alter ego will seem more "real" and authentic if you commit to your performance. If you flip-flop between your new identity and your old one, people will see you as a person in a costume, not as an entirely new person. Resist any urges to act like you normally do.

This is easier to do if you get in character hours or even days before you need to - simply hang around the house or running errands in-character as your alter ego. You'll ease into your new character how to find out if you owe back state taxes you complete simple tasks. More difficult performances will, in how to fix forward shoulder posture, feel more natural.

Try modifying your daily habits and routines to match your alter ego's. If your character grooms him or herself differently than you do, for instance, make these changes in your own life.

Respected method actors like Daniel Day Lewis are famous for adopting the habits of their character. To prepare for his role in The Age of Innocence, Lewis bathed himself in cologne and donned s clothing as he ran his daily errands! Seek inspiration from famous alter egos. Hundreds of figures throughout pesonality have adopted alter egos. If you're lacking for inspiration, look to history books for plenty of examples of how to immerse yourself in your new identity.

Many alter egos, like alterntae David Bowie's famous "Ziggy Stardust" character, have become cultural touchstones for music, fashion, and other how to repair removable usb drive of art. Understand your historical context - your alter ego is, knowingly or unknowingly, probably influenced by past alter egos. Feel free to pay loving homage to past alter egos through small references, details, etc.

Dissociative Living

Nov 13,  · An alter can be created through ritual abuse trauma, but also through other childhood traumas. Getting lost, abuse, neglect, death of a loved one and other such traumas can be cause for enough dissociation for a new alternative personality to be born. Oct 22,  · To really hide online, you need to do it in plain sight. That means you will have to create an entire fake online persona -- on Facebook, Google, Twitter, even LinkedIn-- using this identity.. Do. Aug 06,  · This is incredibly handy if you plan on sticking to a certain identity for a long period of time. You’re also able to order (albeit free) sets of fake identities in bulk. By providing some basic criteria, you can have up to , identities spun up and emailed to you.

Alternate personalities or dissociative identities are born in order to manage certain behaviors, experiences and feelings. Each alter can function either independently of one another, or in conjunction with others. Alters can be unaware of the inside system of parts, or that it is even a part of a body. Many alters actually live outside of the body, having traveled to second heaven. Each alter is created for a specific purpose. An alter can be created through ritual abuse trauma, but also through other childhood traumas.

Getting lost, abuse, neglect, death of a loved one and other such traumas can be cause for enough dissociation for a new alternative personality to be born. The purpose of ritual abuse is to create a complex inner system of parts that can be controlled and called out at will.

Each alter has its own set of beliefs about itself, the world, and God. It carries the memory of the trauma that is was born of, however some alters do block out that memory in order to do its job or assignment. Alters may even believe they are dead and buried, ghosts, or even in hell.

All this is done to keep this inner system as complex as possible, making it extremely difficult to discover and undo. Each alter is assigned with different roles or assignments to do their part in keeping the complex inner system running. Some alters have the job of channeling the demonic, opening portals for human spirits, traveling to second heaven, doing astral rituals, worshiping false idols, etc, Self inflicted punishment and abuse is very common in a dissociative person. All these roles work in conjunction to keep the person in a constant state of disarray.

Alters are often charged with the role of doing witchcraft and participating in rituals. These rituals can be either physical or astral. The purpose of witchcraft is to cause harm to others, physical, mental or spiritual, manipulate or control others, and also to spy on and harass others. These alters perform these tasks outside of the conscious understanding of the person, and most likely the dissociative person has no idea that they have parts of them doing witchcraft or leaving their body.

Once alters are created, they are controlled by threats of imminent death, or through the seductive promises of power, fame, fortune, love and protection from harm. Usually the alters have no idea that they indeed have any other choice than to follow orders programmed in to them, because the programming takes place to either a very young mind or an alter brought forward that has the developmental age of a very young person.

Alters are programmed to come forward at a certain trigger. Popular songs, movies, etc of the time in which the programming takes place, are used. Classics that never fade from pop culture, as well as fairy tales and other such stories are also used. When an alter is triggered it runs the programming that was instilled within it.

This could be to run the body and take it to rituals or other occult activities, or it could be to stay behind the scenes and control the feelings or the way the dissociative person experiences what is happening in the moment.

The complex inner system is set up to appear perfectly normal to the outside world so that the dissociative person can function as normally as possible. The alters appear to be just different facets of the personality.

For one person they could switch from several different alters within a day, each one just seamlessly moving with the circumstances of life. A person can seem to just be moody, or have a bad temper, or become easily depressed or anxious.

They could be more care free and innocent or childish, or maybe they can seem very reckless and irresponsible. We have come to see it as normal to be swayed with emotions and have larger than life personalities, so this behavior is easily accepted by others. The basic purpose of creating this complex inner system is to control humans without them being aware.

The devil wants to turn everyone away from Christ, to hate themselves, and to loose their Christ given identity. All this will work towards destroying the Church and the name of Jesus Christ. Ultimately the goal of Satan is to create a secret End Times army that of mind controlled alters that will turn rebel against the sovereignty and authority of God. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Revelation While this may be the intention of Lucifer, he is never going to succeed.

Ultimately his plan will be devastated, as Scripture has revealed to us that he is merely an impostor whose defeat is imminent. No matter what schemes the enemy has devised, they cannot compare to the awesome power of our God.

If you have fear in your heart, then look to the Lord Jesus Christ. Let Him be the author of your hope and your destiny here in this world. No matter the devils agenda, we still have the free will choice to turn our lives over to Him. He will wash away all of our fear and bring us into truth and freedom.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life, and the only way to our eternity in heaven. The time we have here on this earth will be like a blink of an eye in the scope of eternity.

Until then we must continue to submit fully to God. We must be willing to surrender our will and our lives, no matter the cost, over to Him, day by day.

Jesus is the only way to freedom. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, so allow Jesus into all the innermost recesses of your heart and mind, so He can begin to bring healing and hope back to your life.

Yours, O Lord , is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, for all that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours. Yours is the kingdom, O Lord , and you are exalted as head above all. Both riches and honor come from you, and you rule over all.

In your hand are power and might, and in your hand it is to make great and to give strength to all. And now we thank you, our God, and praise your glorious name. I had never thought of this mental disorder as being demonic control.

As explained it makes sense. I see a real need today for those who are able and willing to be used to drive out demons. Thanks for sharing.

I was manipulated by that one for 24 yrs. Gave it all to Christ, and when it pops up its evil head, I surrender it again. Never going back! All glory to God, thank you Jesus. Next Post: Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for this post. Thought provoking!

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