How to hang wallpaper in a bathroom

how to hang wallpaper in a bathroom

Solved! How Well Wallpaper Works in a Bathroom

Jul 31, †Ј Choose solid vinyl, fabric-backed vinyl, or paper-backed vinyl wallpaper; these scrubbable and strippable (i.e., Apply a mold-proof wallpaper primer to the wall before wallpaper paste to create a smooth surface for the wallpaper and Use mold-proof wallpaper paste, and apply extra paste Author: Manasa Reddigari. Another option is to wallpaper only one wall, creating a standout accent wall. If you have a wallpaper you truly love but can't manage to wallpaper the walls of the bathroom, simply buy one sheet, frame it, and hang the frame in the bathroom. You'll turn the wallpaper you love into a standout piece of artwork.

By Manasa Reddigari and Bob Vila. Q: My wife wants to hang wallpaper in our Jack-and-Jill bathroom. The walls could do hhow some eye candy, but how well will wallpaper hold up in the bath?

A: Given the walloping that bathrooms take from water and steam, hardier materials like glass or marble tile are more durable choices than traditional cellulose-based wallpaper. And wallpaper also invites a potential health issueshould mold develop behind the pretty surface. Moisture and humidity can seep through to weaken the paste that bonds the material to the wall. Once the adhesive starts to fail, any wallpaper in the bathroom will usually start to curl walllpaper from the seams between pieces or the top edge of the baseboardsЧand this is bound to continue in larger swaths until the only remedy is a partial or full wallpaper replacement.

Most homeowners will confront a burst pipe, overflowing toilet, or faulty how to wear speedo nose clips at some point, and should spillage mar your wallpaper what countries use democracy today the bathroom, it can leave a water stainЧusually in the form of a gray ring or splotch.

If water seeps all the way through to a wood foundation wall, hoow tannins pigmented compounds in the wood can leech out and transfer to the wallpaper as a yellow or brown stain. The moist and dark environment behind wet bathroom wallpaper is ideal for mold growth. Some molds commonly found behind wallpaper, such as Aureobasidium, can cause skin irritation or infections, while toxigenic molds such as Fusarium can cause abscesses or even bone infections.

At this point, the wallpaper would need to be removed, and, as recommended by the U. Environmental Protection Agencya mold remediation specialist should be consulted to deal with the problem if the area of mold growth bzthroom 10 square feet.

Note: The potential for mold growth is the reason to avoid installing wallpaper in bathrooms if your home has rising damp caused by groundwater moving through masonry and up walls or penetrating damp caused by water leaking through walls because of cracks or other structural problems conditions. Decaying baseboards and water stains that rise up to three feet above the baseboard are telltale signs of rising damp, while persistent blotches of dampness on walls are more indicative of penetrating damp.

Wallpaper, however, comes in a printed spectrum of vivid colors, interesting patterns, and rich textures, and a DIYer will find it relatively simple to hang patterned or textured wallpaper. While not ideal, wallpaper in a bathroom is still feasible, especially if installed in a half bath with only a sink and a toilet, or in a full bathroom as a single accent wall as far away from the tub or shower as possible.

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Bathroom Solved! How Well Wallpaper Works how to hang wallpaper in a bathroom a Bathroom Find out if wallpaper can be how to link rss feed to website in the most splash-prone zone of the home.

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Find out if wallpaper can be feasible in the most splash-prone zone of the home.

Aug 15, †Ј The biggest factors to consider are whether itТs a bathroom where a lot of water is going to get splashed on the wallpaper and (if itТs a full bath) whether the bathroom has a good fan. If itТs in a kidsТ bathroom and your kids are notorious for getting water from one end of their bathroom to the other, you might want to skip using.

When I shared our guest bathroom makeover I got a lot of questions about using wallpaper in bathrooms and whether it was a good idea. I totally get your hesitation because I had the same concerns about whether a bathroom was a wisest spot for me to fulfill my wallpaper dreams when I first started thinking about doing it!

In most cases, yes! But otherwise, you should be in good shape and can totally make wallpaper work, especially with the secret weapon that I learned about read on for more on that! But my wallpaperer is very experienced and has used this product for years so I trusted him and gave him the go-ahead. He was right! This stuff is truly dead flat and the finish on my wallpaper looks the same after applying it as it did before. It does come in other sheens so if you have wallpaper with a sheen or if you want to add sheen to your wallpaper, you could go with satin or gloss.

My wallpaperer also uses it on wallpapered light switches in rooms all over the house because it keeps them from getting dirty over time Ч smart! Because it makes such a HUGE impact! I LOVE the wallpaper that I chose for our guest bathroom but think that if I hung it on every wall in a large room, it would be a little too much pattern for me. All the heart eyes! Still not sure you want to wallpaper your bathroom? Consider stenciling!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I had similar wallpaper in the 70sЕjust goes to show you that good design lasts the test of time, huh? How do you like the big mirror going straight across? Would be nice element maybe in our tiny guest bathroom. Hi Toni, I have a big mirror in my guest bath that the builder installed. At first, I wanted to remove it but then I realized that it made the room appear bigger and brighter.

I had it framed and now I love it! Joanna I thought about framing mine too Ч I still might in the future. Good to hear you love yours that way! I was initially thinking about removing that mirror in favor of a smaller decorative mirror but decided I liked how it opened up the space. Does the wall need to be retextured to a smooth finish before wallpapering? My husband insists all walls must have a smooth surface for wallpaper.

Unfortunately, yes I would say that the wall should be smooth underneath wallpaper. Great tips, Kris! I am hoping to wallpaper my powder room sometime soon. I just love how a wallpapered bathroom looks. Yours came out fantastic! Your stenciled bathroom is one of my all time favorite walls. You did a great job picking paint colors and a design that work so well together. Thank you for sharing this tip! I had used a clear lacquer to seal my wallpaper. I so want to do a wallpaper accent wall in the master bath.

I will also have to paint the walls. Good luck with your space! Hi Kris. When I click on the link to source it, the original one seems to have a back splash attached. How did you remove yours? Yes, you should definitely remove the old wallpaper Ч my favorite way to do this is with a steamer! I was planning on painting my bathroom cabinets with chalk paint. Would I be able to use this varnish on the cabinets to seal them? I put ordinary inexpensive wallpaper in my bathroom.

Plus 2 kids who take long hot showers. Hi, I love your bathroom! I am looking at your bead board trim top and wondering what you used. I would like to use something simple as you have. If you can share, please do. Do you have a recommendation on pre-pasted or unpasted? Does it make a difference in a bathroom application? Thank you for all of the tips Ч you are so talented Kris! I might change the floor tile because we have two little boys. Is there a color other than white you would recommend?

Crazy questionЕ what do you think of wallpapering floating shelves? My hubby just DIYd someone our bathroom and instead of paint of stain, I want to wallpaper them. We have dark teal-y blue walls and classic white subway tile with dark grey grout. Hey Kris Ч Thanks for the tipЕ I have my heart set on an underwater scene wallpaper from Etsy for an accent wall behind a freestanding tub and I really want to make it work.

Is there one that you use that helps reduce chances of mold and also the possibility of peeling? Sounds like the varnish is more for protecting of the paper for splash and wipability, but I am specifically wondering about the paper staying on.

Thank you for this great tip with the varnish! Do you know whether your wallpaperer applied it with a brush or roller? Want to avoid brush strokes and bubbles! We wallpapered our small bathroom about six months ago. Some seams are starting to come up. Would you recommend using the decorative varnish at this time. I had purchased some but my husband was hesitant about using it initially. I had a question about which sheen to use in a kitchen. Would Satin be best? I want something that will be durable and easy to clean and stand the test of time.

I started thinking that I better seal it somehow in order to keep it clean. Also, two coats or one? Thank you! We just used one coat in our bathroom. Pin Share Tweet Email. Turn on your JavaScript to view content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Comment Name Email. Comments Thank you for the tip about protective varnish! Good to know! Love the gray tones! Will the varnish make it harder to remove the wallpaper at a later date? What a wonderful blog! So nicely put together with really great ideas!

I would like to know if wallpaper can be put on a bath tub, like wall uninterrupted? Should I remove old wallpaper before applying new? If so, HOW? Hi Kris!

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