How to install olivetti pr2 plus printer

how to install olivetti pr2 plus printer

Olivetti PR2 PLUS Service Manual

This chapter looks at how to install the expansion kit for the printer. INSTALLING THE ETHERNET LAN CARD WARNING: this option can be installed exclusively on the models: PR2 Plus printer 10, PR2 Plus 12 and PR2 Plus 12 M with firmware version Vers or later. Page Installation Procedure Installation procedure 1. Dec 28,  · Hello Friends aaj ki video mein maine Olivetti pr2 plus ka software pc mein Kaise install karen. friends video ko end tak dekhiyega aur agar hamare Channel.

Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of How to be an extreme couponer in california. Previous Page. Next Page. Page 2 Publication issued by: Olivetti S. Page 5 Package Contents Note: The display option located on the console is used to view useful information for the correct management of your printer.

Page 6 Installation of ferrite core Position the USB cable not included inside the open ferrite core not included close to the printer connector, then close until clamped. Hold the button down for a few seconds. Insert a single sheet of paper A4 format. The test character sequence will be printed. Warning: Do not touch the printhead when it is hot. New passbooks : fold them along the binding so that they stay completely flat.

Push the document and release it as soon as the automatic alignement is acti- vated. Do not hold the document back.

Caricamento del documento Documenti : NON stropicciati o strappati. Place the stripe face down. Lettura della code line dell'assegno Allineate l'assegno a destra e spingetelo in avanti.

Auswechseln des Farbbandes Die verbrauchte Kassette herausnehmen Punkte Page 17 Replacing the ribbon cartridge Insert the new cartridge steps Auswechseln des Farbbandes Die neue Kassette einsetzen Punkte Page 18 Replacing the ribbon cartridge Latch "click" the ribbon guide pushing it against the carriage and pulling it upwards step 7.

Tension the ribbon, remove the protective tab and lower the carriage assembly steps Sostituzione della cartuccia nastro Agganciate "clac" il guidanastro spingendolo contro il carrello e tirandolo verso l'alto punto 7.

Acting on the appropriate lever, open the inner top part of the machine. Remove jammed document by gently pulling it. If you cannot see the document, go to page Inceppamento carta: interno 1 Aprite il coperchio della stampante. Print page 1 Print document 25 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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I have Olivetti PR2 Plus Service Manual on PDF. The problem is: At power om the printer don't move any motor and the Station 1 and 2 leds blink's. OLIVETTY PR2 E PLUS PASSBOOK PRINTER CONFIGURATION IN WINDOWS 7. Connect Olivetti Passbook printer and install drivers from downloaded setup. Jul 01,  · Hello friends kaise hain aap log.. Friends aaj ki video mei maine Olivetti pr2 plus passbook printer mein cartridge kaise lagate hain iske baare mein bataya. View and Download Olivetti PR2 plus user manual online. specialised printer. PR2 plus printer pdf manual download.

Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Page 3 This manual for Service engineers supplies all the technical information required for installing, testing and carrying out maintenance interventions on the specialised PR2 PLUS printer.

This manual can help you resolve a printer malfunctioning problem, when the solutions proposed in the Operating Manual provided in the printer kit are not successful. RS C serial interface standard Parallel interface ieee Printer anomalies with serial number 8. Page 10 Page left intentionally blank Index Page Chapter 1 - Overview This highly versatile printer can also be used for Public Administration front-office transactions or in Post Offices.

Page Technical Specifications Length: 70 mm min x mm min. Page General Block Diagram The schema represented in the following figure illustrates the most complete version of the printer, with all the options and including the scanner. For other versions of the motherboard used for the PR2 Plus printer, only the connectors will be indicated. All the various versions are covered below. Motherboard scanner version cod.

Page 18 Motherboard machines with serial number 8. Page 20 Motherboard machines with serial number 1. The reader, located inside printer, operates crosswise to the direction of movement of the paper. It comprises a read head able to operate also on passbook magnetic stripes, fitted on a specific mechanism that guarantees correct traverse during work phases. Page Scanner CIS and a mobile upper element that moves from the top down when activated.

This action makes it possible for the printer to maintain the same throughput, in terms of documents managed, as the standard PR2 plus. When only the upper element is present, a specific closing element replaces the shape of the lower scanning element. Figure 1 - 11 Power supply unit Connector pin-out and fuse ratings The signals on the power unit connectors are given in the following. Power supply Check that the electrical outlet to which the printer is connected has a ground connection and is suitably scaled to provide the power required by the machine.

This must contain: 1. PR2 Plus printer in the requested configuration. Mains cable. Ribbon cartridge. User manual. Page 31 1.

Remove the machine from the bag. Completely open the upper cover of the printer. Figure 2 - 2 Opening the upper cover 3.

Remove the protective material that has been inserted for transportation. Extract the card 1 and remove the foam padding from the side 2 and the front 3. Page 32 4. Release the two red plastic stop brackets inserted for transportation purposes 1.

These brackets block the printing carriage and the upper mechanical assembly. Figure 2 - 4 Removing transport blocking devices 5. Raise the upper group using the lever provided 1. Lever for lifting upper mechanical assembly Figure 2 - 5 6. Page 33 7. Remove the two red plastic stop brackets inserted for transportation 1.

Figure 2 - 6 Removing the blocking devices inserted for transportation WARNING: when removing the red plastic bracket on the right, be very careful not to damage the component indicated in the figure. Take the ribbon cartridge and unhook the ribbon guide 1 pushing it to the back as illustrated in the following figure.

Figure 2 - 7 Unhooking the ribbon guide 9. Move the printhead manually to the centre of the printer. Page 35 Insert the ribbon guide 2 from the front and then lift it so as to fasten it on the two flexible pins in the open slots 3 of the cartridge 1 on the back of the print roller a "click" is heard. Figure 2 - 9 Attaching the ribbon guide Page 36 Using the specific lever, completely lower the internal upper unit containing the printhead and ribbon cartridge.

Figure 2 - 11 Lever for lowering the upper mechanical assembly Close the cover of the printer. If present, remove the ribbon cartridge. Actioning the lever, lower fully the upper part of the printer. Refer to the previous figure. NOTE: the previous figure provides only an example of a printing test. The software versions shown and the exact data printed varies according to the model used.

Using the configuration procedure, it is also possible to activate the "Autoswitching" function, that is, the automatic recognition and connection of the printer that becomes active first with the port. Page Parallel Interface Ieee Parallel interface ieee The parallel interface requires a wire Centronics connector for the connection. Connect the parallel cable to the connector located at the rear of the printer.

Figure 2 - 15 Connector for parallel interface 2. Bringing the lever to its end of stroke position lifts the upper part of the mechanism, permitting access to the document feed zone. Page Inserting The Passbook Inserting the passbook Before inserting a passbook, fold this along the back until it remains completely opened in a horizontal position and check for any creased or torn pages in order to avoid poor quality printing and wrinkling of the pages during introduction.

The documents ejected from the front feed slot: — If less than mm in length, are abandoned by the drive rollers — This procedure must be carried out with the machine off. Switch off the printer. Page 51 7. Extract the new cartridge from its container and unhook the ribbon guide 1 , pushing it to the back as illustrated in the following figure.

Figure 3 - 10 Unhooking the ribbon guide 8. Insert the new cartridge onto the feed pins, fitting it laterally onto the two sides. Figure 3 - 11 Attaching the cartridge to the structure 9. Page 52 Turn the knob 1 of the cartridge in an anti-clockwise direction until the ribbon is taut, then remove the tab 2. Figure 3 - 13 Tightening the ribbon and removing the tab Page 54 To remove a document that has jammed from inside the printer, proceed as follows: 1.

Wait for the acoustic signal. Actioning the lever, raise the upper part of the mechanical assembly. Page Set-Up Activation Incorrect modification by the operator could cause malfunctioning of the printer.

Page Modifying Configuration Parameters Page 57 When you reach the value you want to set for the parameter, press the STATION1 key to confirm the value and pass to the next parameter.

The next parameter is printed. Page 58 The value «Y» is printed to confirm that the new configuration values are saved. Page Description Of Configuration Parameters Description of configuration parameters In this section the configuration parameters present in the programming menu are listed, with the various values that can be set and their meanings. Values set by default are indicated in bold and highlighted with an asterisk. If emulation X24 is set, the AGM function is enabled. Page 67 PR50 with right alignment.

In this case refer to the table on page for the specific parameters to configure. MSRW Message indicating that the option has been installed. There is no selection and the next selection is printed after this title. If the hor. Parameter Values possible Description Changes in the electrical characteristics of the photosensors or the use of particular paper may require further calibration at the customer site.

Page 73 To carry out the photosensor calibration procedure, proceed as follows: 1.

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