How to make a bellatrix lestrange costume

how to make a bellatrix lestrange costume

How to Make a Bellatrix Lestrange Costume. Step 1. Use a curling iron to curl (one-inch wide) sections of hair as close to the root as possible, being careful to not burn scalp. Hold each curl Video of the Day. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Jul 17, Bellatrix Lestrange Costume Accessories. All that was left to complete the costume was to make some accessories for Emmas Bellatrix Lestrange costume. The bird skull necklace was made from polymer clay, you can find the full instructions here DIY Bellatrix Lestrange Bird Skull Necklace. Next came Bellatrixs gnarly bent wand.

I wrote an article a while back about why girls need female superheros AND super villains as role modelswhich resonates more and more the older Emma gets. But Lestrange also embodies a combination of power, liberation and an unabashed lust for life and death I found enticing. Image credit Pottermore. It was really fun to play her because she is just completely abandoned. I just let go, really. We started planning for this Bellatrix costume quite early on in the year, mainly because I was hoping to thrift all the components of the costume.

It took many trips to our local op-shops thrift stores to find all the items we needed, including the wig, but in the end our persistence paid off and the whole how to make a bellatrix lestrange costume came together purely from pre-loved garments and supplies from my craft stash. If you are interested in the Bellatrix Lestrange Costume DIY process, scroll down for explanations on how I re-styled an old lace and velvet dress, dyed and styled a wig and made our own Bellatrix Lestrange Wand.

I wanted to capture a disheveled luxury with a Victorian twist. We found a few suitable bits and pieces that I how to make a bellatrix lestrange costume to make a black dress that fit Emma well and was easy to wear. The lacy overlay was made from stretchy netting fabric and the only adjustments required were some gathers at the chest to remove excess fabric in the bust area.

I also gathered up the split in the hip to give it a little more movement and ruffle in the skirt section. The under-dress was a much bigger task. It had all the fabric and trims I needed, but unfortunately was quite large on Emma. Dress Before I wanted to use the Victorian style sleeves and velvet skirt. I set about deconstructing it by removing the zipper, detaching the skirt and taking off the high collar. I ended up with, and adjusted the following:. Added an elastic waistband to the skirt section.

TOP I reversed the opening, the back was now the front. I narrowed the back by running a seam down the center and also narrowed the sleeves. Now the basic undergarment fitted better and I managed to keep the pretty sleeves which would have been really difficult to make from scratch.

Dress After adjustments Now a skirt and blouse combo. I had yet to add lace around collar. The fabric alone would have set me back more than that. Making a leather corset is no easy task.

It was perfect as the PVC coated fabric was light weight and looked like real leather. With a marker draw on desired shape of corset pieces. Cut out pattern and sew together side seams. Try on for further fitting adjustments if required. Now unpick the stitching to separate pattern pieces. Cut your pattern pieces from the faux leather with a seam allowance. I centered the seam on the skirt to the center of the front panel.

I cut the back pieces to take advantage of the hem in the skirt. Sew curved side seams together with right sides of faux leather fabric facing. Using a walking foot and zig zag stitch, sew over seams and create some random seams to give the appearance of patch-worked pieces.

The leather fabric was a bit stretchy which initially was annoying, but I used it in my favour to add extra texture to the patchwork seams. Make sure they line up on both sides of corset back. Use the eyelet tool to punch holes for the eyelet. Tip I recommend practicing using the tool on a crap pieces of leather first to get the hang of how to use it. Emma was right, it absolutely does make this Bellatrix Lestrange costume more authentic. The hardest part about this DIY wand project was finding a nicely bent stick to use as the base of the wand.

Emma had picked up a perfectly shaped stick on a recent walk, but as we were sanding it back we discovered it was how to print lined paper with wood worm, and was crawling with live grubs YUCK!

I dispatched that stick pretty quickly and then had to go for a walk to find another appropriate stick at short notice. After all the drama, I did manage to find a replacement stick to make a Bellatrix Lestrange Wand. Caution: Hot glue can burn so please be careful. If you get hot glue on your skin run it under cold water immediately. Using hot glue gun, add layers of glue around the handle end of the stick to create a thicker grip. Allow to cool.

Paint over handle and stick with a mixture of black and brown paint. Allow to dry thoroughly. Dilute 1 part PVA glue with 1 part water to make a thin glaze. Seal the wand with the PVA glaze and leave to dry.

Be careful or you may just summon the dark mark! So many people thought it was her natural hair and were really surprised when I told them it was a wig. I was really lucky to find an old wig at our local thrift store. The only downside was that the colour was too light so I did some research and decided to dye it a bit darker. I found this wig dying tutorial on Youtube explaining how to dye synthetic wigs with alcohol ink. I used the inside of a black sharpie marker soaked in isopropyl alcohol to make my own alcohol ink to spray the wig a darker colour.

The top of the hair was fairly straight so I used hair curlers and some setting spray overnight to add curls. Once it was dry I pinned the hair from the sides to the back and top to give the top of the hair more volume, and styled the fringe bangs with a part. To finish the style I used white coloured hairspray to create a grey patch of hair at the front. The finished styled what is the function of your nervous system looked fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed this post. We had a lot of fun both putting the Bellatrix Lestrange costume together and taking the cosplay photos. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This how to cook jacket potato in the oven uses Akismet to what is the climate like in hot deserts spam.

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Bellatrix Lestrange Cosplay

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Learn more As a Harry Potter fan, you may be considering dressing up as one of the Harry Potter characters for Halloween. If you want to dress up as someone cruel, dark, and crazy, then Bellatrix Lestrange is the way to go. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Part 1 of Put on a long black dress. Wear black stockings. Put on some black stockings to complete your Bellatrix outfit. Wear black high-heeled boots. Bellatrix Lestrange wears knee-high black boots with a stiletto heel.

Wear a pair of boots similar to these to demonstrate her sultry style. Put a black corset on over your dress. Wear a black corset to accentuate your curves like Bellatrix Lestrange does.

This is essential to capturing both the sensuality and gothic darkness that she emits. Wear long black fingerless gloves. Get a pair of long solid black gloves and cut off the fingertips to display this roughness. Accessorize with a green necklace. Bellatrix usually wears a necklace and is also a former student of the house of Slytherin.

Because of this, you can wear any simple silver necklace with a green pendant. As an alternative, you can wear a Victorian-style necklace. Make or buy a magic wand. When dressing up as a character from Harry Potter, having a wand is essential. You can either buy one online or in a Halloween store. As an alternative, you can make one yourself. You can make a simple DIY wand with chopsticks, a hot glue gun, and some brown paint. Create a knobby branch-like texture with the hot glue on the first two inches 5.

Give the glue a couple minutes to cool and dry and finally coat the whole chopstick in brown paint with a paintbrush. Part 2 of Put on foundation and concealer. Before applying makeup specific to a Bellatrix look, use a makeup sponge or brush to apply a foundation and a concealer that match your skin tone.

Apply liquid or powder foundation all over your face and neck. Then create an even canvas by using concealer to lighten your undereye area and cover up any blemishes. Use a brown eyeshadow to add contrast and definition to your face. First, apply brown eyeshadow to your cheeks to make them look sunken in. Then use the eyeshadow to create lines along the edges of your nose, which will make it look more pronounced.

You can also use a contouring powder to do this. Apply the brown eyeshadow to your eyelids. Use this same brown eyeshadow to darken your eyes. Use a small makeup brush to lightly spread the brown eyeshadow across your entire eyelid. Then apply the eyeshadow directly underneath your lower waterline as well.

Apply a red eyeshadow to your eyelids. Also add a translucent red color to your eyes. Put red eyeshadow on your eyelids overtop of the brown eyeshadow with a small makeup brush.

This will further contribute to a somber appearance. The red and brown eyeshadow should help you look scary and insane when you make this Bellatrix face.

Go with a reddish-brownish lip color. To look like Bellatrix, pick a lipstick, cream or gloss that is a reddish-brownish color. Carefully coat your lips and then rub them together to even out the application. Draw on her tattoos with eyeliner. Bellatrix has two main tattoos, and drawing these on with some black eyeliner can really take your costume to the next level. The Dark Mark is a skull with a twisted snake below it. Put on a coat of black mascara.

Finish your look with a quick coat of mascara. Use a dark black mascara to continue contributing to a darkness vibe. You can also put on some black eyeliner along your lower waterline to help with this. Part 3 of Spray heat protectant on your hair. Curl your hair with a curling iron. Plug in and turn on a curling iron.

Once it has heated up, take a small chunk of your hair and clamp the end with the iron. Rotate the iron and slowly bring it upward until most of the strand is wrapped around the iron. Hold it for several seconds and then release the hair from the clamp.

Repeat this process for all of your hair. Secure your hair with small clips. As you curl your hair, spray, twist, and clip each curled chunk close to your head with small hair clips. This will help the curl to hold. Once you are done curling, all of your hair should be secured to your head with the clips. At this point, leave the clips in for at least two minutes and spray your hair with hairspray one more time if you wish. Tease your hair to achieve messiness. Unclip your hair completely and start using a comb to tease your hair.

To do this, hold a strand by the ends of your hair and comb the hair upwards from the ends to the roots. Pin up your hair around the crown area. Use bobby pins to pin up hair around the crown of your head in a messy half-up half-down way. Cover one eye with a big chunk of hair. Instead of pinning it back, let a big chunk of hair near your face fall forward and cover one eye.

Use white eyeshadow to create a white streak. Bellatrix has a small solid chunk of white hair. Dab a big makeup brush in white eyeshadow and apply the eyeshadow to a chunk of hair that is close to your face. You can also create the illusion of white hair with dry shampoo or baby powder. Yes No. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Try and make a small mark with a pen or something similar to make it look separate.

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