How to make a copper countertop

how to make a copper countertop

DIY copper countertop

Mar 16,  · In this video I show how to make custom copper countertops using laminate veneer copper sheets. It's very easy to do and they look fantastic. Best of all. Feb 24,  · A video tutorial on how to make your own copper bar top, countertop,or

We'd like to cover our countertop base with copper sheeting. We've found it locally and online in 3'x10' sheets in either 16 oz or 20 oz.

We've never worked with metal, but since there are only 2 straight runs of countertop, we'd only have to cut out a hole for the sink and cooktop, and bend the metal to cover the edge of the plywood. We plan to bend it over and under the base and fasten it to the bottom and also have it curve up the wall to form a little backsplash.

Anything wrong with using copper sheeting? What will we need to cut it with? I really have no concept of how hard or flexible either 16oz or 20oz copper sheets would be. Okay, here's a pic of my copper island. It's fitting that I post it here first, since this thread was the one that got me started thinking about a copper island in the new kitchen.

Please ignore the shiny makf switch plate just under the countertop - it's hideous and temporary. I put an edge on my copper countertops that is really cool. I used a 20 oz sheet of copper and pulled it around a bulnose edge. Under the bullnose, a put an odge edge shaped piece counterfop molding that was wraped in a much lighter weight copper. Ho lighter wieght copper would not hold up for a countertop but coumtertop the piece of trim below the bullnose it's fine. It looks really substancial.

It reads as one piece. If cipper shows me how to post a photo on here, I will. OK, So I've nearly finished my project and have two more pieces of information for people: 1 the TC glue is really great stuff.

I think that the only place you can find copped is online, but I strongly recommend it. Very disappointing, and now I need to order some to complete my project. Table looks great otherwise, now I just have to attach it to the base. Copper countertops: Before and After use. Help with Kitchen Counter-top selection. Copper countertops, yes or no? Choose the 'tag' for posting to message boards by right-clicking on that 'tag' then choose 'copy'.

Come back here and type your post. Then right click and 'paste' yout 'tag' into your post. When you preview your message, your picture should now up. I'm not very good at posting pictures myself so I hope these instructions work! Looking forward to seeing that special edge treatment that you did!

Actually, for GardenWeb you'll coutertop to chose the image link that is labeled 'Blogs' in order to post your pictures. Sorry 'bout that. I think the rest of the instructions are correct, though.

I read in these posts that how to make a cash register in minecraft pe copper countertop had to be grounded. Would someone please address that issue?

How to do? Am planning electrical outlets in my island with DIY copper countertop 48" x 96". Thanks to all for sharing your experience. I'm working on a range hood that i would like to cover with copper.

I'm looking for suggestions on the guage of copper to use for a surface with a curved profile. I want it thick enough to not "wrinkle" but thin enough to easily form to the suface.

Picture a rectangular section on the ceiling with one of the long sides up against the wall and a chimney like hood extending from this rectangular cross section on the how to prepare dried mushrooms down towards the range.

The two sides flare out left and right as it comes down and the front flares out away from the wall. The three sides of the hood are concave the fourth side is the wall and extend from the ceiling down to the base which sits above the range. What does a baby owl sound like you were to take a string from where the hood surface meets the ceiling and pull it straight to the bottom edge of the hood.

The approx mid point along the length of the string would be approx 4" off the surface of the hood. Steve, what material are you using for the construction of the hood? I can picture the design but am not clear on the construction. The Height of the lower box is about 6" and this will have a piece of faux stone edging applied. These strips basically made up vertical "ribs" running from the upper retangular frame to the lower framer. I notched the ribs so the horizontal strips were "inset" in the edge of the rib.

I tied the horizontal what are the latest bcs rankings toghether where they met in the corners. The strips were approx " apart. Basically the counhertop looked like ladder rungs that followed the curved profile of the vertical ribs. A row of screws along each horizontal "rung" holds the ply to the profile. Prior to screwing the ply to the horizontal ribs it was easy enough to hold it and mark the edges basically a dashed curved line with the dashes being where the horizontal rungs meet.

That compound curved line could then be cut in the flat prior to the how to make jeff hardy on smackdown vs raw 2007 being attached to the frame. Coppeer ply is just the right stiffness to maintain the curve without getting "flat bars" where it is screwed to the horizontal rungs.

The result is a frame that is all tied together with a plywood skin over the top. The curve on the outer ply is really pretty smooth. There are quite a few screw heads c-sunk that need to be filled to make the complete surface smooth prior to the application of the copper.

With all the ribs, horizontal rungs, and the rows of screws attaching the ply to the rungs, the structure is quite solid. A couple messages up, Steve, I listed out how to post a picture.

You need to host it somewhere online Photobucket is easy and then copy and paste the 'tag' address into the message that you are typing here. For GardenWeb, use the tag labeled for blogs. I love this topic and plan to cover my island in copper and now, because of your design, plan what is a separation agreement employment do a custom copper hood, how to measure angles without a protractor well!

We used a ,ake insert. It was the most cost effective for the CFM we needed for the range. You can get two pieces, the vopper pack and an optional liner. The liner is a stainless tray that covers more of the range. I was able to fix it so that made the deal even better.

To us the Kobe seemed similar to the others. In the pictures you can see the lower "plywood" box. This was sized and built to accept the Kobe power pack. One side is attached copperr the wall, and it is cantilevered out. In one of the picture you can see the metal strapping I ran from the outside of the lower plywood box up to the ceiling. This provides the support for the cantilevered lower box. What a fabulous thread. Thanks to all of you who took the time to tell us how you completed your projects.

Steve, that's a beautiful design. Yea, I can't wait, also. Too bad it's down a few rungs on the remodel priority list behind walls, floors, and countertops. Check back after the new year Stumbled across this thread while looking hhow some copper counter pictures what is the song in the toyota corolla commercial show the wife as opposed to the cold industrial look of stainless that she is after and figured I would offer a few additional comments for people looking at DIY copper counter tops.

Copper in and of itself is a very durable and long lasting material. With the proper base you can use relatively thin sheet i. I like to use a base made of baltic birch plywood great screw holding and dimensionally stable. MDF will work well enough, but I prefer birch for its strength. The edge dressing which is mentioned here is a fairly easy and workable option. For those who feel like learning a new skill, you might consider hammering seamless edges instead though.

You will likely want to get a few copper scraps to practice with and a set of peening hammers better automotive repair supply stores will have them in the auto body section. I won't go into the details here, but a lot of light taps are what you are looking for here. Watch out for work hardening though as that will result in countertkp in the copper. If you want to do the seamless route - you will need to go with slightly thicker copper as the added material is needed during the stretching process in areas like corners.

As far as the brazing option goes - you really will want to go with oxy-acetelene. Again, practice and patience is important. I usually braze corners before adhering it to a wood base in order to avoid the fire hazard. The other issue is that it is hard to get a sheet of copper hot enough with a small propane torch in order to get the brazing solder to flow properly. For copper bar edging, you can get pretty crazy if you like.

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Jul 23,  · Copper Countertops installed! My husband used decorative nailhead tacks to trim out the peninsula and it was such a wonderful way to finish that section off. We love our new countertops and they have already begun to patina! Copper is also anti-bacterial surface and with six kids, that is a great side benefit! A little hard work, patience in. Jun 29,  · Prep the back of the copper and the top of the mdf by lightly sanding the copper and cleaning both with rubbing alcohol. We had an “L” shape so we chose to lay only 1 segment at a time. Apply the glue with a roller CAFEFULLY and lay down the copper. Smooth out all air bubbles and cover with another sheet of mdf. Once that is done install on the counter top. Apply the top section and use a flush trim bit to remove any access metal from the top. Follow up with a 1/8 or 1/4" roundover on the top as well. This takes care of any sharp edges and the process of routing also pushing the two copper edges together making .

We used two part clear epoxy and a bunch of coins to make a penny countertop that has held up remarkably well under all kinds of abuse, and never fails to stop new visitors in their tracks. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Your choice here will be recorded for all Make. Skip to content. Projects from Make: Magazine Install a Penny Countertop Replace a boring surface with a cool, durable, and cheap new countertop. Share via. December 18, , pm PST. Project Steps View All 1. Prepare the Surface 2. Prepare the Pennies 3.

Create the Edge 4. Lay out the Pattern 5. Fill In The Edges 6. Mix the Epoxy 7. Pour the epoxy 8. Watch for and remove air bubbles 9. Prep for Second Coat Edge Cleanup. Step 1: Prepare the Surface. Next Prev. Step 2: Prepare the Pennies. Step 3: Create the Edge. Step 4: Lay out the Pattern. Step 5: Fill In The Edges. Step 6: Mix the Epoxy. Step 7: Pour the epoxy. Step 8: Watch for and remove air bubbles. Step 9: Prep for Second Coat.

Step Edge Cleanup. Conclusion We have included the two page printable guide we handed out at the Bay Area Maker Faire Shane Selman.

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