How to make a page corner bookmark

how to make a page corner bookmark

How to Make a Fabric Corner Bookmark

Fold a piece of square origami paper in half, diagonally. You will get a shape of a triangle. Take the top layer of paper, at the top of the triangle, and fold the top to the bottom. You will see a white square form inside your triangle. Bring both left and right corner of the triangle to the center (at the bottom). Dec 09,  · Apply the square piece of paper with the colored side facing up, over top of the tassel as well.

Last Updated: February 26, References Tested. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. The wikiHow Video Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 80, times. Learn more Bookmarks are a great way to mark your place in a book. They can get expensive, however, what do kindergarteners learn in math the standard, rectangular-shaped ones can get pretty boring.

Why not make your own bookmark? With a square sheet of paper, and a few minutes of your time, you can make a neat, triangular bookmark that fits right over the corner of your page. If you aren't comfortable with origami, then there are still other ways to make a bookmark! To make a corner bookmark, start by folding a 6 by 6 inch piece of paper in half to make a triangle. Then, unfold the triangle, fold the paper in half diagonally the other way, and unfold it again to divide your paper into 4 triangles.

Fold 1 of the side flaps over the center triangle, and glue the other flap on top of the flap you just folded down.

Finally, let the glue dry and decorate your bookmark any way you like. To learn how to make a corner bookmark using index cards and duct tape, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Get some 6 by 6-inch origami paper. Origami paper is the best but if you sont have to just cut it to that length If you don't have any origami paper, cut a 6 by 6-inch Avoid using cardstock or similar material, it is too thick for this project. You can use smaller sizes as long as it is still a perfect square, but it will be smaller.

Fold the paper in half diagonally to make a triangle. Take one of the corners, and fold it towards the opposite corner. Run your fingernail along the crease to make it nice and sharp. Turn the triangle so that it is upright. The straight, folded edge should be facing you. The point tip should be facing away from you. Fold one of the pointy tips down towards the bottom fold. You'll notice that your triangle has two layers of paper. You are only how to do the accounting equation one of those layers.

When you are done folding, your paper should still be shaped like a triangle, but with a smaller, upside-down triangle inside it. This will create a "pocket" for your bookmark. Fold the bottom corners of the triangle up towards the top point. Take the left bottom corner, and fold it towards the top of the triangle. Make sure that the edges align, then run your fingernail along the crease to sharpen it.

Repeat this step for the other side. You will end up with a diamond shape. Fold both corners back down towards the inside of the triangle. Take the first corner you just folded, and fold it half-way inside the triangle. Be sure to tuck it under the "pocket. Decorate the bookmark, if desired. You can decorate it with stickers, or even draw a face on it to make it look lime a monster chomping down on the corner of your page.

You colour use different colours to resemble different animals. How to make ice cream in a bag youtube the bookmark dry, if needed, before using it. If you just used stickers to decorate your bookmark, then you are good to go. If you used pens or markers to decorate it, however, you might want to let it dry a little so that the wet ink doesn't transfer onto your book.

Method 2 of Get some 6 by 6-inch You can also use just about any other type of paper for this, including cardstock, construction paper, or even plain old printer paper. You can also make the square smaller, but it must be a perfect square. Fold paper in half diagonally to make a triangle, then unfold it. Take the bottom left corner, and fold it towards the top right corner. Unfold the paper when you are done. Fold the paper in half diagonally the other way, and unfold it what is the average dividend yield on the ftse 100. Take the bottom right corner, and fold it towards the upper left corner.

Run your fingernail along the crease, then unfold the paper. You should now have an X in the middle of your paper. Cut out one of the triangles on your paper formed by the X. If you take a look at your paper, you'll see four triangles, all pointing towards the middle.

Cut one of those triangles out, using the creases as a guide. You will now have a center triangle, and two side flaps. Fold down one of the side flaps. Take the left side flap, and fold it down onto the triangle, following the crease you made earlier.

Put some glue or double-sided tape on top of the side flap you just folded down. A glue stick will be the least messy, but you can also use liquid glue if you are careful. If you are using double-sided tape, make sure that you put the tape all along the edges.

If you are using liquid glue, consider brushing it on in a thin layer using a paintbrush. Fold other flap down on top of the glue or tape.

You should now have a triangle shape. Run what are symptoms of lactose intolerance in toddlers finger over the triangle to seal the glue or tape. Then, run your fingernail all around the edges to sharpen them. Decorate your bookmark, if desired. You can leave your bookmark as is, or you can decorate it further with stickers.

You can also write a meaningful message or quote on it, or even draw a picture. If you just used tape, then your bookmark is ready to how to make a page corner bookmark. If you used glue, paint, or markers to decorate it, however, you might want to give the bookmark a little time to dry.

This way, you won't ruin the pages of your book. Method 3 of Try to use a sturdy sheet of paper, such as cardstock or even an index how to make a page corner bookmark. If you absolutely can't get any, use regular printer paper.

Draw a diagonal line across one of those squares. The line should go from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. This will be your cutting line. Leave the other square blank.


I used to believe that a person could never have too many books, or too many bookmarks. But what a person can always look for more of is really cool unique bookmarks. Placeholders special enough for the books that are special enough to remain in your culled-out-of-spacial-necessity collection.

Page corner bookmarks are cute, practical and deeply under-represented in the world. If you like this tutorial, here are a couple others that might be up your alley. First, try making paper plants as lovely, lasting handmade gifts. You can even stash some goodies or small presents in their pots.

If you want a monster you can wear, try making a cozy bug-eyed fleece monster hat or some fingerless fleece monster gloves. For the monster-loving adults in the room, try some googly-eyed paper monster wine charms. Go you! The first is a square overlapped by a triangle , the second is a triangle overlapped by a smaller triangle. If you are making your own template from scratch, follow all the steps below. Decorate it if you wish.

If you want to get a bit more in depth, ignore the envelope method and move on to step 2. Use your ruler so its sides are perfectly straight. Draw second square exactly the same size on the right side of the first square so they share a side and a third square exactly the same size on the top of the first square.

You should end up with 3 squares that compose an L shape. Next, draw a diagonal line across the bottom right square, from its top right corner to its bottom left corner. Scribble out the lower right half now a triangle of this square. This should be a square with two triangles attached to it, one on the top and one on the right. This is your template. Use by slipping over the corner of the page you wish to mark, like a pocket. Erase the first line.

You should now have a shape that looks like a castle flag: a rectangle with a triangular indent at one end. Be sure to make a little mark on either side where the corners of the two outer triangles meet the inner triangle , and extend this mark onto the inside of your shape. Cut the shape out. If you want a fancy bottom edge, cut that line with fancy scrapbooking scissors. I actually turned mine over at this point and folded it the other way, so the colours were switched. See below.

Great minds, eh? I wanted to post one image in particular here, which I take from the Priestthorpe Primary School Blog. There, a whole classroom of kids made their own page corner bookmarks, and they look fabulous! I love all the different personalities displayed. Stickers, sequins or paper buttons could also make great pupil substitutes. Featured on:. Do you need installing and repairing electrical systems and equipment at your Crib Point, Frankston, Mornington, Bittern, Hastings, Carrum Downs, Sorrento residence or commercial space?

Call our Your Electrician for an excellent service. She is constantly inspiring me to just get my paper out and play, not to mention her layout designs are always fresh and eye catching. I feel truly blessed to have found the paper crafting community, and I love all of the sharing, passion, and encouragement that can be found within it. Lifestyle: One can easily get to know about the lifestyle of any celebrity simply by following the blog of that particular celebrity.

You can free-hand your designs or trace chipboard or other objects plates and bowls work great for large circles. Note that I used a tone-on-tone print, which will read as a solid on your layout and help balance the compelling patterns.

The large and small patterns work together without overwhelming the layout and photos. Cut Large Shapes out of your Patterned Paper. Your email address will not be published. Glue the smaller triangle on top of the larger, folded-over ones.

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