How to power amp with computer power supply

how to power amp with computer power supply

How To Connect & Power A Car Amp In Your Home + Diagrams

Sep 15,  · Using an ATX (desktop computer) power supply for a car amp isn’t hard – in fact, you only need a few steps: Power connections: Cut the +12V wires (yellow) and the same number of ground (black) wires. Strip the insulation to Supply on control: PC supplies don’t turn on . Find the power pin. In the power supply packaging (if bought new) there should be a pinout diagram. Look for the pin that says something along the lines of “Power on”, "PS OK" or other key words that indicates a on signal. It will be on the biggest pigtail.

By: Gary Brown. If there is any one component that is how to power amp with computer power supply vital to the operation of poeer computerit is the power supply. Without it, a computer is just an inert box full of plastic and metal. Ajp power supply converts the alternating current AC line from your home to the direct current DC needed by the personal computer. In this article, we'll learn how PC power supplies work and what the wattage ratings mean. In a personal computer PCho power supply is the metal box usually found in a corner of the case.

The power supply is visible from the back of many systems because it contains the power-cord receptacle and the cooling fan. Power supplies, often referred to as "switching power supplies", use switcher technology to convert the AC input to lower DC voltages. The typical voltages supplied are:.

The 3. The main specification of a power supply is in watts. A watt is the product of the voltage in volts and the current in amperes or amps. If you have been aml PCs for many years, you probably remember that the original PCs had large red toggle switches that had a good bit of heft to them.

When you turned the PC on or off, you knew you were doing comupter. These switches actually controlled the flow of volt power to the power supply. These capabilities were added to standard power supplies several years ago. The operating system can send a signal to the power supply to tell it to turn off. The push button sends a 5-volt signal to the power supply to tell it when to turn on. The power supply also has a circuit that supplies ti volts, called VSB for "standby voltage" even when it is officially "off", so that the button will work.

See the next page to learn more about switcher technology. Prior to or so, power supplies tended to be heavy and bulky. They used large, heavy transformers and huge capacitors some as large as soda cans to convert line voltage at volts and 60 hertz into 5 volts and 12 volts DC. The switching power supplies used today are much smaller and lighter.

They convert the Hertz Hz, or cycles per second current to a much higher frequency supplj, meaning more cycles per xmp. This conversion enables a small, lightweight transformer in the power supply to do the actual voltage step-down from volts or in certain countries to the voltage wiith by the particular what is a good motorcycle helmet component.

The higher-frequency AC ;ower provided by a switcher supply is also easier to rectify and filter compared to the original Hz AC line voltage, reducing the variances in voltage for the sensitive electronic components in the computer. A switcher power supply draws only the power it needs from the AC line. The typical voltages and current provided by a power supply are shown on the label on a power supply. Switcher technology is also used pkwer make AC from DC, as found in many of the automobile power inverters used to run AC appliances in wiith automobile and in uninterruptible power supplies.

Switcher technology in automotive power inverters changes the direct current from the auto battery into alternating current. The transformer uses alternating current to make the transformer in the inverter step the voltage up to that of household appliances VAC.

Over time, there have been at least six poeer standard power supplies for personal computers. Recently, the industry has settled how to learn c programming online for free using Powsr power supplies.

ATX is an industry specification that means the power supply has the physical characteristics to fit a standard ATX case and the electrical characteristics to work with an ATX motherboard. Also, fan manufacturers often use the same connectors as the power cables for disk drives, allowing a fan to easily obtain the 12 volts it needs.

Color-coded wires and industry standard connectors make it possible what do graphic designers create the consumer to have many choices for a replacement power supply. It was developed by Microsoft and Intel for PC users who wish to conserve power. Should you wish to disable APM because you withh it is using up system resources compuger causing a conflict, how to burn iso bootable cd best way to do this is in poaer BIOS.

That way, the operating system won't try to reinstall it, which could happen if it were disabled only in the software. A watt switching power supply will not necessarily use more power than a watt supply.

A larger supply may be needed if you use every available slot on the motherboard or every available drive bay in the personal computer case. It is not a good idea to have a watt supply if you have watts total in devices, since the supply should not be loaded to percent of its capacity. Power supplies of the same form factor "form factor" refers to the actual shape of the motherboard are typically differentiated by the wattage they supply and the length of the warranty.

The PC power supply is probably the most failure-prone item in poweg personal computer. It heats and cools each time it is used and receives the first in-rush of AC current when the PC is switched on. Typically, a stalled cooling fan is a what is chow mein sauce of a power supply failure due to subsequent overheated components.

All devices in a PC receive their DC power via the power supply. A typical failure of a PC power supply is often noticed as a burning smell suplpy before the computer shuts down. Another problem could be the failure of compuetr vital cooling fan, which allows components in the power supply to overheat.

Failure symptoms include random rebooting or failure in Windows for no apparent reason. For any problems you suspect to be the fault of the power supply, use the documentation that came with your computer. If you have ever removed the case from your personal computer to add an adapter card or memoryyou can change a power supply. Make sure you remove the power cord firstsince voltages are present even though your computer is off.

Recent motherboard and chipset improvements permit the user to monitor the revolutions per minute RPM of the power supply fan via BIOS and a Windows application supplied by the motherboard manufacturer. New designs offer fan control so that the fan only runs the speed needed, depending on cooling needs.

Recent designs in Web servers include power supplies that offer a spare supply that can be exchanged while the other power supply is in powef.

Some new computers, particularly those designed for use as poder, provide powef power supplies. This means that there are two or more power supplies in the system, with one providing power and the other acting as a backup. The backup supply immediately takes over in the event of a failure by the primary supply.

Then, the primary compute can be exchanged while the other power supply is in use. Computer Hardware. Power Supplies. The power supply in your PC provides all of the different voltages your computer needs to operate properly.

See more computer hardware pictures. Switcher Technology " ". In this photo you can see three small transformers yellow in the center.

To the left are two cylindrical capacitors. The large finned pieces of aluminum are aamp sinks. The left heat sink has transistors attached to it. These are the transistors in charge of doing the switching -- they provide high-frequency power to the yo. Attached to the piwer heat sink are diodes that rectify AC signals and turn them into DC signals. Personal computer power supply label.

VSB is the standby voltage provided to the power switch. Power Supply Standardization " ". A PC power supply removed from its PC case. Cables and connectors at right supply DC voltages. Power Supply Wattage A watt switching power supply will not necessarily use more power than a watt supply.

Power Supply Problems The PC power supply is probably the most failure-prone item in a personal computer. Power Supply Improvements Recent motherboard and sup;ly improvements permit the user to monitor the revolutions per minute RPM of the power supply fan via BIOS and a Windows application supplied by the motherboard manufacturer.

Inside a Power-Cube Transformer What are amps, watts, volts and ohms? Is it better to turn my computer off when I am not using it, or to leave it on all the time? Switching - Mode Power Supply Design. Cite This! More Awesome Stuff.

Introduction: Car Amplifier and Subwoofer Powered by a Computer Power Supply

If your only using the CPS to power your amplifier, then trim all the orange and red wires. KEEP the Yellow and Black wires, those are the ones used to supply the voltage and ground the amplifier. Once down, group all the yellow and black together separately. Sep 12,  · Using an ATX (desktop computer) power supply for a car amp isn’t hard usually. It’s a matter of a few steps: Power connections: Cut several ground wires (black) and +12V wires (yellow) and strip them for about 3/8? to 1/2? bare wire. Sep 23,  · By your logic w amp to power a 24a AMP i would need a w a PSU to power my total of 85amp system. Amps x Volts = watts 24a * 12v = w The CHIEFTEC ATX A W APSCB PSU.

In an earlier decade, I accumulated an inane number of car audio subs and amplifiers. But, I have yet to find a more pleasing sound than that which comes from an oldschool pair of Infinity Perfect So, the pair now resides in my office, rather than my hatchback.

This initially posed one problem:. High output DC power supplies are not cheap. It makes more sense to find a 4 ohm capable home audio subwoofer amp, but those are not cheap either. Audiophiles are now cringing; switching power supplies are a no-no in the audio realm. This means its power supply stage was designed with excellent noise rejection, and thus, a switching power supply is a fine match.

In this instance, we need more than a few watts. We need every last electron the PSU can muster. Before putting it to work, two modifications were needed:.

While it should be safe to merge multiple 12V rails, doing so could be a bad idea for this project possibly more noise from multiple switching supplies. Note that this project involves potentially lethal mains voltages V AC. A PSU should never be opened or modified by an unqualified individual. Perform these modifications at your own risk! I am not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of this article. Capacitors in a PSU store a large amount of energy.

With the PSU running, turn its switch off or pull the power cord and wait for the connected device s to shut off. Only open the PSU after you are sure it is drained of energy. A modern ATX 2. Ignoring the safety warning stickers, I removed the cover and proceeded to extract all extra wires. All useless wires from the ATX motherboard header and various connectors landed straight on the circuit board.

These were easily removed with wire cutters. Use twist wire caps or heat shrink wrap for a permanent installation. The final product, with tidy wire-ties in place:. The BP Neighbors already glare at my office as they walk by. Awesome stuff. Awesome explanation. Thank you. Its only for my home theatre and do not require much power. Hey guys iv had this setup for awhile but its been put on the metaphorical shelf. Anywho It works. Problem is I get a crazy hum. Im plugging an Xbox into as the source.

Not sure if the source is the issue or the shitty PSU. Input would be very appreciated. Similar setup here… however! I use one of the 5 volt red psu outputs on thee remote terminal of the amp. Solves another issue as well. Me using the red wire to turn on amplifier… well no resistor needed, the amp is the load. Hi thanks for the info! Any idea why? Your email address will not be published.

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