How to reset your ti 83 calculator

how to reset your ti 83 calculator

How can I reset a TI-83 plus calculator?

Mar 29,  · Just a quick review of how to reset your texas instrument, grafic calculator TI Plus. Dec 01,  · If your calculator is giving you an error and not functioning correctly then just reset it to factory settings. Most of the time this will resolve the problem.

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You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I have a TI plus but when I turn it on, the screen is covered with dark spots then it turns itself off.

Is there anyway to reset this or is it ruined? I need to add that when I turn on the calculator it flashes the scrambled image on the screen then turns off. I can not do the traditional reset 2nd, MEM then the reset. Then click on Defaults. That should do it. Trending News. Pesky turtle messes with lions — and gets away with it. Recently retired Pats star lands TV gig.

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May 22,  · Are you getting all kinds of errors on your calculator and it's not working right? Follow this short video to reset your calculator to default. If that doe. Apr 20,  · This video shows the step by step process of resetting a TI 83 and TI 84 calculator. It is useful if wrong values are entered, keep on getting error messages. Now scroll down using the arrow keys to the 7th option, which says reset. It will confirm that you want to clear the RAM. Then press YES. Your TI plus is reset.

A popular graphic calculator released by Texas Instruments in My problem is somewhat similiar. I was able to fix mine by removing the four AAA batteries and then pressing the on button for thirty seconds. I put the batteries back in and I was in business.

The calculator should display the message "RAM Cleared". Show 29 more comments. Step 1. Remove one AAA battery. Replace the battery and turn on. Step 2. Replace battery and turn on. Step 3. Remove all batteries including the back-up battery for at least 5 minutes. After 5 minutes replace all batteries and turn on.

Thank you so much! I was discouraged when step one didn't work, but step two worked!! This will save so many calculators from being thrown away.

Maybe I needed to do both? If all else fails and nothing turned it on, remove the batteries and back cover, expose the 3 surface mounted chips and lightly with a fine soldering tip reheat all the leads. I checked all the normal procedures and tested the ribbon cable for continuity all was fine.

Heating up the chip connections powered it up. Thanks a ton whoever u are Mathnasium cuz u saved my life man and ur solution worked! May god bless you. Show 7 more comments. If the above doesn't work, then you need to look at the contact springs from the batteries to the main board.

The board flexes slightly when buttons are pushed and this causes there to be wear between the spring and board contact pad. In my calculator, the spring wore thru the contact pad. To reach the contact pads, you simply remove the 6 screws along the outer part of the cover. Then remove the screw covering the flat backup battery - just above the batteries. Get a small flat blade screwdriver and pry along the edge of the upper and lower covers not the loose cover. Work along the edge and unsnap the 3 snap joints.

There is one at the top center and one on each size approximately centered along the length of the battery. When you get the cover removed, look at the pads.

You will probably see a black dot but if you look under a magnifying glass, you will see the bare circuit board. At this point, look at the pads to be sure there is no corrosion on them. It will look like a white or green powder. Remove with alcohol and Q-tip. Turn over the the battery cover and with a pair of needle nose plyers, bend the two outer spring fingers inward a bit.

When you put the covers back together, you will be able to see thru the two square holes by the inner 2 batteries if the springs are making contact with a different location on the pad. A flashlight and magnifying glass is helpful. Best to put the batteries back in place and see if it will power on. If so, then reinstall the screws and your back to a working calulator. Worked for me after none of the above RAM clearing tricks helped.

The wire contacts had worn through the gold contact pads on the main board and into the green. Just had to bend them slightly to re-establish contact. Thank you for saving my calculator from a sorry fate!

What type of screw driver do you need to remove the 6 screws on the back of the Texas Instruments TI Plus calculator? Show 8 more comments.

Jacob Miller. I tried the other solutions minus disassembly, but I flexed the body of my calculator by grabbing both sides and pushing the back with my thumbs. After that it displayed random numbers and letters, and then ram cleared and it turned on! I tried all of the other suggestions before I was ready to give up. I decided to give this a whirl before she went to the trash and what do you know It worked!!

I really appreciate it, this calculator got me through high school and engineering school and sat in a drawer for 8 years until I needed it again. I honestly laughed when I read this fix and only did it because it's not like I was gonna make the calculator worse.

But holy crap I was laughing in disbelief! I grabbed the calculator by the top and bottom and pressed into the back really hard with both thumbs and voila! Thank you! Yes, this worked! Tried all solutions, minus disassembly- I did this and then held the "on" button for 30 seconds and got "RAM cleared" message.

Show 2 more comments. I've been doing everything to fix my calculator but it doesnt turn on! Im worry that it'll never work again. Jeremy Brewer brewser. Did all and none worked, replaced my 4 triple A batteries hit the 2nd key and up arrow repeatedly and it came on saying Ram cleared, the I fixed contrast appropriately. I tried everything previously posted and nothing worked Everything works fine now.

Thank you!!! Scott Carlson. One more. Stretch the springs just a bit that contact the knob end of the battery My 10yr old calculator is working again I've tried every trick on this thread but the stretching of the battery springs Worked!

Tried everything and was so frustrated!!!!! As soon as I stretched the springs, my calculator again had life!!!! I got mines to work by repositioning the springs that connects to the back of the triple A batteries. Try to make sure that the spring is bent out of position before you put them in. Jack Patterson. Ok so i pushed the 2nd button and then held down the dowen arrow and it turned off. What did i do? You actually just turned down the brightness.

Press the on button and then push the 2nd button and hold the up arrow to turn the brightness back on. Read somewhere else about taking out battery and pushing ON for 10 seconds. Your 30 second idea did—thanks!!!!!! Angryz Llama. You say you tried all the ideas on the post and nothing worked - correct?

Are you sure the battery contacts are touching the metal pads? Where are you located? You could send to me and I can troubleshoot or we could do a video chat to see your calculator and maybe find a fix. I promise to return the calculator if you send it.

I am a retired engineer and have no use for that particular calculator. Just here to help others out. Could black screen sometimes be contrast all of the way up? If so, alternating 2nd and down arrow might clear it. She describes it as a black screen but it seems like glare might be thwarting the image in the video.

Riaz Malik. Tried al above things. Soldered the board points where the cell spring contact the board.

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