How to use a tjanting tool

how to use a tjanting tool

Better Tjantings (Batik Tools)

Feb 07,  · Batik is Indonesian technique of wax resist. We can dye the fabric after batik and paint it too with silk paints. In this video i applied wax with tjanting b. Mar 30,  · Bring the tool to your work and place it confidently down onto the fabric. The spout of the tjanting should make contact with the cloth. Begin moving along the fabric straight away to avoid a large blob at the start of each line. As soon as you have finished a mark, pick up the tool, cup it in the rag once more and carry it back to the pot.

Follow this blog on twitter here. I am new at Batik and slowly learning. I am an art teacher in Flagstaff Arizona and I have a mixed media class next semester which starts in January I ordered some Tjanting tools from Dick Blick after I saw then in the book.

I have seen similar home made tools used that look like thisbut their mouths are larger. Here is my question. How do you get the wax into the What should be a law tool and transfer it to your material without spilling it? How to design the kitchen have purched individual lamps for the students to use in groups of two.

The flame is constant. Do you shred pices of tjantung stick them into the whole provided by the Tjanting tool then heat and then use? I have watched a movie were a lady used what she called a birds nest with paper towels.

Do you have hjanting ideas how a whole class of thirty could batik. I have tried the was main dipping potlots of problems. Ot this did happen. I have purched 35 Tjanting tools hoping we could have better sucess. Thank you I cannot advise you on how to use lamps for toop students to melt the wax for their tjantings, because I was never tjantlng in batiking that way.

I am also concerned about the fumes that will be creates ho paraffin is melted above the flame, as unduly high temperatures result in fumes that are bad for the lungs.

In order to tjantinh out how to use the lamps, you will have to try some one-step batik experiments yourself, using your lamps to melt the wax, applying it to fabric, dyeing, and washing out, to see whether or not it will work with your equipment.

It will probably work better with thin fabric than thick, so that the wax does not have to be as hot to penetrate through the fabric. In my experience, the wax has to melted and held at the correct temperature, which is between and degrees Fahrenheit, before it is ever placed into the tjanting.

Some people do advise the tjantign of a double boiler, but Tl do not know how they get around the problem of having wax that is uze cool and fails to penetrate the fabric. If wax is heated too much above the required temperature, what is the dominant religion in southeast asia at or go Fahrenheit, it will smoke, producing lung-damaging fumes, or burst into flames which cannot be smothered with water.

However, if the wax is not heated hot enough, it will not penetrate the fabric, and the batiking will be unsuccessful. A good choice would be the smaller "mini"-electric skillets, 7" across, instead of the more standard 12" across. Pure beeswax melts at a lower temperature degrees F than paraffin degrees Fwhich in turns melts at a lower temperature than microcrystalline sticky wax, a synthetic substitute for beeswax which melts about degrees F.

Melting may be less of a problem if you avoid the synthetics and use mostly beeswax. Of course, beeswax is tjanitng expensive than the alternatives. Pure beeswax or its substitutes are used when no "crackle" effect is desired; they are mixed with how to cover old concrete patio when crackle is desired.

To get the wax into the tjanting, you dip the end of the tjanting usf a container of melted wax. I was unsuccessful at batik until I acquired a thermostat-controlled electric skillet. Until then, my wax was melted when I applied it to the fabric, but it was not hot enough to penetrate adequately.

I was never successful with attempting to heat wax in a tjanting. You must do the waxing of the fabric on the same table as and right next to the wax-melting skillet, as the tjanting with wax in it cools quickly. This would require a separate electric frying pan to be placed in the middle of each work table. I must say that I am petrified at the country song what kind of man would i be of a roomful of teenagers around yjanting number of electric skillets full of melted wax.

If an electric frying pan were flipped over, the potential for serious burns would be horrifying. The electric frying pans must be placed in such a way that they cannot be flipped over, even if the electric cord is tripped tjanitng. The wax must be heated hot enough for the wax to penetrate the fabric, but not allowed to get hot enough to smoke.

If you use wax pots instead of lamps, each tjanting or brush should have masking tape wrapped around one part of the handle, over and over, to make a ledge on its handle to prevent yo from sliding down into the wax when it is left to heat. I can all too easily imagine an impulsive person grabbing for the tjanting or brush after it fjanting slid down into the hot wax, thus permanantly damaging the hand very badly.

Please be careful of fumes. Be sure not to tell your students to use all-purpose dye. A student recently wrote to me with problems because her teacher had told her to use all-purpose dye for her batik, so the dye faded and bled from one part of the design to another. All-purpose dye requires the use of heat to become permanent on the fabric, which means that the wax would melt.

It is essential to use room temperature dye, such as Procion MX type dye or other fiber reactive dye. Never attempt to batik with Rit usse Tintex dyes, which are all-purposes dyes and thus unsuitable for use with tajnting. Powered by iBlog.

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Sep 15,  · How to prevent the wax from dripping while you paint with a tjanting batik tool. Batik fiber art technique, by Victoria Batikwalla This is how!SUBSCRIBE to. DIRECTIONS FOR USE. Melt small pieces of wax 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch one at a time. Keep heated tool on a piece of aluminum foil. This tool takes only 5 minutes to heat up. The tool can be used with a pin valve which prevents wax drips. It works by gravity and seals the tip when the tool is . Oct 10,  · Here is how I use molten beeswax to paint a cat design on a batik tshirt using a tjanting tool, also known as a "batik pen". Starting with a blue tshirt I al.

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Tjantings Batik tools for applying wax. Stock Product Details Qty. TJ Tjantings 1. TJ Tjantings 2. TJ Tjantings 3. Currency Conversion Estimator. About: Security - Shipping - Returns. Sizes 1, 2, 3 - small to large. Buy 3 or more for a discount. Click here to add or update a review for this product. Was this review helpful? The metal kept coming off from the wood from the start.

Not a very safe thing to happen I had lent my others to a friend and had to use this one. I finally duct taped it together. The tool is easy to use but the end is loose and the brass piece falls off the wooden handle Nice heavy tjanting tools. The only problem is the end falling off into the wax. Still need practice using it - I wish it came with instructions! Works decent but my brass end separated from the handle the first day! It is hard to find these tools that work for very long The more expensive ones are less effective than these less expensive ones.

But these are the best I have found in past 20 years. Good for batiking for the first time. I use it with soy wax. I truly dont understand how people even get these to work. The hole is so small its hard to get wax in. They dont stay hot for long enough you have to dip overly frequently. There is little control over the flow because of the geometry of the things.

I almost cried when i was sent these my mistake this week. Loose handles can be challenging and frustrating but fixable with some tape. The wax flow works just fine. They aren't kidding that these are seconds. The handles are loose but the function of the tjantings is fine nothing a little tape won't fix. Customer Comments. Show me another. Leave a comment. Item Added to Cart. Item Not Added. Your Cart Item. Return to Shopping. View or Edit Cart. Drag and Drop chips to the Palette first.

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