Nightlife in Yogyakarta 
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Nightlife in Yogyakarta 

Yogyakarta, commonly referred to as Jogja, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. However, the city also offers a vibrant nightlife that caters to both locals and tourists. From bustling night markets to cutting-edge nightclubs, Yogyakarta has something for everyone looking to enjoy the night. In this article, we will explore some of the top nightclubs in Yogyakarta, along with their pros and cons, dress code, age restrictions, and tailored recommendations.

Top Nightclubs in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta’s nightlife is expanding rapidly, and several nightclubs stand out as must-visit destinations.

Boshe VVIP Club Jogja

Located on Jl. Magelang, Boshe VVIP Club Jogja is a top-tier nightclub that features modern sound and lighting systems, providing an immersive experience.


– State-of-the-art sound and lighting systems

– Wide variety of music genres

– Regular performances by renowned DJs and live bands

– Exclusive VIP sections for a more private experience


– Higher entry fees compared to other clubs

– Can get extremely crowded, especially on weekends

Dress Code and Age Restrictions:

Casual yet smart attire is required, and patrons must be at least 21 years old to enter.


If you’re interested in a high-energy atmosphere with top-tier entertainment, Boshe VVIP Club Jogja is the place to be. Make sure to arrive early to avoid the crowd.

Liquid Bar and Kitchen

Another popular spot, Liquid Bar and Kitchen, is located on Jl. Magelang and offers a more relaxed yet sophisticated setting compared to Boshe VVIP Club.


– Diverse music selection, including R&B, hip-hop, and EDM

– Cozy and modern interior design

– Variety of drinks and light bites

– Outdoor seating area available


– Limited dance floor space

– Somewhat expensive menu items

Dress Code and Age Restrictions:

The club enforces a smart-casual dress code. Patrons must be at least 18 years old to enter.


Ideal for those seeking a more laid-back atmosphere with good music and drinks. Be prepared to spend a bit more on food and beverages.

Sugarhouse Bar & Club

Located on Jl. Colombo, Sugarhouse Bar & Club is known for its trendy ambiance and diverse music selection, making it a favorite among younger crowds.


– Trendy and stylish interior

– Various themed nights and events

– Affordable drinks and entry fees

– Friendly and welcoming staff


– Smaller venue, which can lead to overcrowding

– Limited parking space

Dress Code and Age Restrictions:

A casual yet chic dress code is enforced. Patrons must be 18 years old to enter.


Perfect for those looking to enjoy a fun night out without breaking the bank. Consider using public transportation or ride-sharing services due to limited parking.

Lipss Club Jogja

Located in the heart of the city on Jl. Magelang, Lipss Club Jogja is a well-regarded nightclub known for its excellent service and top-notch DJs.


– High-quality sound and lighting

– Excellent service and attentive staff

– Frequent DJ performances and live shows

– Spacious dance floor


– Slightly high entry fees and drink prices

– Can become extremely noisy, not ideal for conversations

Dress Code and Age Restrictions:

Enforces a smart-casual dress code. Patrons must be at least 21 years old to enter.


Ideal for those who are passionate about music and dance. Ensure you have a valid ID to prove your age at the entrance.

General Tips for Enjoying Nightlife in Yogyakarta

While exploring Yogyakarta’s nightlife, it is crucial to keep a few general tips in mind. First, safety should always be a priority. Travel in groups whenever possible, and be mindful of your belongings. Second, familiarize yourself with the local customs and etiquette. While Yogyakarta is relatively relaxed, adhering to dress codes and age restrictions is essential to ensure a smooth experience. Lastly, plan your transportation in advance. Ride-sharing services and taxis are generally available, but it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan, particularly if you’re out late.

Tip 1: Know the Hotspots

Before you venture out, it’s crucial to identify the top nightlife destinations in Yogyakarta. Some popular spots include Sosrowijayan Street, famous for its eclectic mix of backpacker bars and eateries, and Malioboro Street, known for traditional markets that come alive at night. If you’re into live music, consider visiting Sakapatat Social House or Liquid Cafe Jogja. Researching these locations will save you time and help you decide where to start your evening. Additionally, local apps and social media pages are great resources for current information and events.

Tip 2: Mind the Dress Code

Yogyakarta’s nightlife venues range from casual to upscale, and it’s essential to dress appropriately for the place you plan to visit. Most casual bars and cafes don’t have a strict dress code, but clubs and high-end bars might require a more polished look. Generally, smart-casual attire is a safe bet: avoid flip-flops, beachwear, or overly casual clothing if you’re unsure. Being mindful of your appearance not only shows respect for the venue but also ensures you won’t face any entry issues.

Tip 3: Stay Safe

Your safety should always be a top priority when enjoying the nightlife in any city, and Yogyakarta is no exception. Keep an eye on your belongings, and be cautious of your surroundings. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, it’s wise to stick to well-lit, populated streets and avoid venturing too far off the beaten path. Utilizing ride-sharing services like Grab or Gojek can provide a safer and more reliable mode of transportation. Additionally, always drink responsibly and be aware of local customs and laws to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

Tip 4: Experience Local Cuisine

No night out in Yogyakarta is complete without indulging in the local culinary delights. Street food vendors and late-night eateries offer a plethora of options to satisfy your cravings. Make sure to try dishes like gudeg, ayam goreng, and bakpia while you explore the city at night. Additionally, visiting a night market such as the Pasar Kangen Jogja can provide a unique dining experience. Engaging in the local food scene not only enhances your nightlife experience but also offers a rich cultural immersion.

Tip 5: Plan for Transportation

One common mistake first-timers make is not planning how they’ll get back to their accommodation after a night out. Public transportation options like buses may be less frequent or available late at night. Therefore, pre-arranging a ride through a taxi service or ride-sharing app is advisable. If you’re traveling in a group, it’s often cheaper and safer to book a car together. Additionally, knowing the exact address and having a working mobile phone will ensure you can call for help or get directions if needed.


Is it possible to find clubs in Nightlife in Yogyakarta that are open all night?

Yes, it is possible. Some clubs in Yogyakarta are known to operate 24 hours, particularly in the more vibrant and tourist-frequented areas.

Do I need to book a table in advance?

While not always necessary, it is recommended to book a table in advance, especially during weekends and holidays to ensure availability and a better experience.

How to get to nightclubs?

Nightclubs in Yogyakarta can be accessed by various means like taxis, ride-hailing services, motorcycles, and even public transportation. It is advisable to check the club’s location in advance and plan your transportation accordingly.

Are there age restrictions to enter the clubs?

Yes, there are age restrictions. Most clubs require patrons to be at least 18 years old, although some may have a higher age limit of 21. Valid identification may be required to verify age.