Strip Clubs in Tangerang 
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Strip Clubs in Tangerang 

Tangerang, a bustling city adjacent to Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, offers a variety of entertainment options to its visitors and residents. Among these, strip clubs hold a special place for those seeking adult entertainment. In this article, we will explore some of the prominent strip clubs in Tangerang, providing a comparative analysis of the pros and cons of each club, detailing the services offered, and sharing contact information. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive guide to help navigate the landscape of adult entertainment in this vibrant city.

Star Lounge

The Star Lounge is one of the most well-known strip clubs in Tangerang. It offers a luxurious environment equipped with modern amenities, ensuring patrons have a memorable experience.

Services Offered:

Star Lounge provides an array of services that include strip shows, private dances, themed nights, and VIP rooms for a more exclusive experience. The club also offers an extensive drink menu featuring premium liquors and cocktails.

Contact Information:

Address: Jl. Boulevard Raya No. 7, Tangerang

Phone: +62 21 5567 8900

Unique Features:

What sets Star Lounge apart is its impressive lighting and sound systems, which create an electrifying atmosphere. The club regularly hosts special performances by famous dancers and organizes interactive events, setting it apart as a premier destination for adult entertainment.


– Luxurious ambiance with state-of-the-art facilities.

– A wide range of services and themed events.

– Exclusive VIP sections for a personalized experience.


– Higher entry fees compared to other clubs.

– Can get crowded on weekends, making it difficult to get a spot in VIP sections.

Wild Orchid Club

The Wild Orchid Club is another renowned strip club in Tangerang, known for its intimate setting and exceptional service.

Services Offered:

Wild Orchid Club offers strip shows, lap dances, and private performances. The club also provides a selection of beers, wines, and exclusive cocktails to keep guests entertained.

Contact Information:

Address: Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard No. 15, Tangerang

Phone: +62 21 5309 4567

Unique Features:

The club’s intimate and cozy environment makes it a perfect place for patrons looking for a more personal and less crowded experience. Their friendly staff and skilled dancers ensure that every visitor feels welcome and entertained.


– Personalized and warm atmosphere.

– Friendly and attentive staff.

– Excellent selection of drinks.


– Smaller venue with limited seating, which can fill up quickly.

– Lesser variety of entertainment options compared to larger clubs.

Red Velvet Lounge

The Red Velvet Lounge is known for its elegant décor and high-quality performances, making it a favorite among the city’s elite.

Services Offered:

Red Velvet Lounge offers strip shows, go-go dancing, themed events, and exclusive VIP rooms. The club also boasts a gourmet menu and a wide selection of premium beverages.

Contact Information:

Address: Jl. Serpong Raya No. 9, Tangerang

Phone: +62 21 7896 1234

Unique Features:

The club’s sophisticated décor and premium services make it stand out. Patrons can expect top-notch performances from professionally trained dancers, and the themed nights add an element of excitement and novelty.


– Elegant and sophisticated ambiance.

– High-quality performances and themed events.

– Gourmet menu offering a range of exquisite dishes.


– Expensive entry and service fees.

– Dress code may be strict, requiring patrons to adhere to certain standards.

Exotic Nights Club

Exotic Nights Club is a popular destination for those seeking a lively and energetic atmosphere. It is known for its vibrant setting and diverse entertainment options.

Services Offered:

Exotic Nights Club offers strip shows, pole dancing, live DJ performances, and private rooms for a more intimate experience. The bar menu includes a variety of local and international drinks.

Contact Information:

Address: Jl. BSD City Boulevard No. 11, Tangerang

Phone: +62 21 6758 2310

Unique Features:

The club’s lively atmosphere, spectacular light shows, and high-energy performances make it a favorite among younger crowds looking for a fun night out. The club often partners with well-known DJs to create a party-like environment.


– Energetic and vibrant atmosphere.

– Diverse range of entertainment options.

– Frequent collaborations with popular DJs.


– Loud music may not be suitable for all patrons.

– Can become overly crowded during peak hours.

Do Your Research

Before attending a strip club, it’s crucial to conduct a bit of research to find reputable establishments. Online reviews and travel forums can provide valuable insights from previous visitors, highlighting the best clubs and the ones to avoid. Additionally, ask locals or hotel staff for recommendations, as they often have reliable knowledge of the area’s nightlife. Knowing what to expect can significantly enhance your experience and ensure you choose a safe and enjoyable venue.

Respect the Performers

Respect is paramount when visiting any strip club. Remember that the performers are professionals doing their job, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and courtesy. Avoid making derogatory comments or gestures, and always follow the club’s rules regarding touching and interaction. Tipping is customary and appreciated, so be generous but respectful. Understanding and observing the boundaries set by the performers will lead to a more positive experience for everyone involved.

Dress Appropriately

Many strip clubs in Tangerang have dress codes, so dressing appropriately is essential. Generally, business casual attire is acceptable, but it’s always a good idea to check the club’s specific requirements beforehand. Avoid wearing overly casual clothing like flip-flops, tank tops, or shorts. Dressing well not only ensures you’re adhering to the club’s regulations but also helps you blend in and enjoy a more seamless experience. Appearance matters, and dressing appropriately shows respect for the establishment and its patrons.

Understand Local Etiquette

Familiarizing yourself with local customs and etiquette can significantly enhance your visit to a strip club in Tangerang. For example, Indonesians place a high value on politeness and modesty. Being overly loud or drawing unnecessary attention to yourself may be frowned upon. Additionally, be mindful of your body language and tone when interacting with staff and performers. Understanding these cultural nuances demonstrates respect for the local culture and contributes to a more enjoyable experience.

Mind Your Budget

Strip clubs can quickly become expensive, especially if you’re purchasing drinks, tipping performers, or opting for private dances. Setting a budget before you go can help you manage your expenses and avoid any financial surprises. Many clubs have a minimum spend requirement, so be aware of these details beforehand. It’s also advisable to carry cash, as some places may not accept credit cards. Keeping track of your spending will allow you to enjoy the night without the stress of overspending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Strip Clubs in Tangerang safe?

Strip clubs in Tangerang generally maintain safety protocols, but it is advisable to stay aware of your surroundings and follow the establishment’s guidelines for a secure experience.

Are there age restrictions for entry into Strip Clubs in Tangerang?

Yes, entry into strip clubs in Tangerang is typically restricted to individuals who are 21 years old or older. Identification may be required to verify age.

Can I take photos or videos inside Strip Clubs in Tangerang?

Most strip clubs in Tangerang have strict no-photo and no-video policies to protect the privacy of performers and patrons. It is best to adhere to these rules to avoid any issues.

Do Strip Clubs in Tangerang accept credit cards?

Many strip clubs in Tangerang do accept credit cards, but it is advisable to check with the specific establishment beforehand. Having some cash on hand is also recommended.