What is the best pc case

what is the best pc case

Best PC Cases 2021: Our Tested Picks for Your New Build

Apr 06, The Antec Cube is without a doubt the best PC case for you Razer fans out there. With some PC owners preferring a console-sized case, there are some very attractive Mini-ITX options available, and one of the best is the Lian Li TU Like all of Lian Lis cases, the TU

Tech Guided is supported by its readers. If you purchase products after clicking on links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. These top computer cases are perfect for gamers or anyone else looking for the best tower for their upcoming build. Y our computer case is a lot more important than you think. For starters, it plays a critical role in the cooling process of your system. And, your case will also determine what you can and cannot do in the future with your computer in terms of upgrades.

Not only that but for a lot of people, the style of their PC case and the way it looks is also an important aspect. People like style. In this post, we will take a look at the best gaming cases in at various price ranges for different budget sizes. I chose a few different options for each price range and while there are definitely some other worthy gaming cases in these price ranges, I felt these offered the best returns for PC gamers.

For a quick look at some of the best PC case options across a handful of different categories, the table below shows our picks for the top options for different use cases. Check Price. You can also keep scrolling to see more case options based on your budget.

And, I suppose if you have an unlimited budget and you just want the best-looking desktop caseone that will stop people in their tracksthen an extreme computer tower will suit your needs as well. The Thermaltake Level 20 is a unique case that comes with a huge price tag. Learn More. Is there anyone out there who would ever consider paying that much for a computer case?

The Level 20 sports a triple chamber design, how to do the sponge ball magic trick the front chamber dedicated to holding custom liquid cooling components, the top chamber dedicated to holding the power supply, and the back-bottom chamber dedicated to holding the main components of your system.

The RGB PLUS lighting system gives you what happened to frank lucas wife control over the lighting in your case and you can even control the lighting via an app on your smartphone iPhone or Android.

In terms of clearance, the Level 20 can hold graphics cards as long as And, while we listed the CPU cooler height, the reality is that, for this expensive of a case, you will likely be opting for liquid cooling. Fortunately, the Level 20 has plenty of support in that department as well. It can hold up to three different radiators simultaneously, including up to a mm radiator in the liquid cooling chamber.

For the entire price of this case, you can build a budget-friendly system that will be able to max out pretty much anything you throw at it on a P monitor. Get This Case. At nearly half the price of the Thermaltake Level 20, the Cooler Master Cosmos M still comes with an intimidating price tag.

It has everything a system builder could ever want out of a case. The CM is a full tower case that features the traditional Cosmos design on the exterior with some modifications and comes with a tempered glass side panel, an aluminum back panel, and a full length PSU shroud.

For clearance, the Cooler Master Cosmos M can hold video cards that are up to Both of those clearances will allow you to install any video card or CPU cooler into this case. The CM has you covered there as well, with support for up to four different radiators at a time, with the ability to house up to a mm radiator on both the top and front of the case. In fact, the cases in this price category border on insane themselves and they can also be used for extreme setups just like the cases listed above.

The be quiet! Dark Base Pro offers a very customizable case that will allow you to build an extreme system inside of. With the Dark Base Pro you get a large-form-factor case that has clearance to hold graphics cards up to The Pro can also accommodate up to mm long radiators and you can hold up to four different radiators inside of the case simultaneously.

And, as it is a be quiet! The D comes with dual tempered glass side panels and it can hold graphics cards that are as long as This version of the D also comes with three RGB lights installed on the front panel. Ultimately, the tempered glass open frame design set this case apart in terms of aesthetics and, as such, should appeal to certain builders.

Thermaltake has introduced a couple of really cool open frame cases that offer a nice unique option for anyone who wants their PC to stand out from the crowd. And, more specifically, for users who want to do a custom-loop water cooling setup.

The front panel, two side panels, and the top and bottom panels on this case are all tempered glass. In fact, for these tier 3 options, you can get a high-quality case that will house even the most extreme setups. The computer tower cases listed below are ideal for mid-to-large sized budgets and will give you plenty of options to choose between.

And, since choosing a PC tower is largely based off of personal preference, if you prefer the style of a case in this price range over the style in a case listed above, then, by all means, jump on it. With a ton of space, good airflow, a tempered glass side panel, and an extremely fair price tag, the Thermaltake Core X71 is our pick for the best value case currently available.

In our opinion, the Thermaltake Core X71 is one of the best value options currently on the market. However, for those of you who prefer bigger and badder cases, the X71 is large enough to suit your needs. The Core X71 can also house an extra-large mm radiator on the front panel as well as hold up to six different radiators simultaneously.

The case also comes with a dual-chamber design with the motherboard chamber up top on the power supply chamber located at the bottom of the case. The bottom chamber also comes with support for three mm fans to help keep your power supply as cool as possible.

And, the case can hold up to 15 fans in total. The Phanteks Evolv X is another worthy case option for anyone who has a larger budget. It has more than enough room to house an extreme system with liquid cooling and it can even be upgraded to hold dual systems E-ATX and mini-ITX. The case can support video cards up to The Evolv X can also hold three different radiators simultaneously, including a radiator up to mm long on the front panel.

So, whether you want to go with a large air cooler, a mm AIO cooler, or run your own custom liquid cooling loop with a mm radiator, you can do so in the Evolv X.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Enthoo Evolv X, though, is that fact that it can be upgraded to hold dual systems. Encased by tempered glass panels and featuring fans equipped with RGB lights, the Crystal Series X from Corsair is a visually captivating mid-tower case. It comes with three fans installed and has room for up to six. This mid-tower design is encased with four tempered glass panels, giving you full visibility of the front, top, and sides of the case.

The controller also keeps your components running cool to maximize the performance of your system. To keep the case aesthetically pleasing, it has built-in cable routing channels and comes with velcro cable straps so that you have streamlined internal cable management.

The front panel features a high-speed USB 3. Internally, the X can incorporate up to a mm graphics card, or While it looks good, the x is a straightforward case. It has a tool-less design, and it has three-point dust filter access which makes it easy what is the best pc case clean and maintain.

The Hi takes the latest trends in computer cases namely, PSU shrouds, tempered glass, and RGB lighting control and combines them into a compact chassis. It can hold graphics cards up to While the graphics card clearance is low compared to the other options on this list, the reality is that there are RTX Tis out there that come in shorter than And, surprisingly, the cases in this tier are pretty darn good options.

And, for the price it comes in at, the Phanteks Eclipse PX is, in my opinion, one of the best value options currently on the market. Most of these cases can hold just about any setup you have in mind with exception to something on the very extreme side. But, multi-video card setups and liquid cooling are definitely possible with these cases, which is what is the best pc case cool considering their price.

However, its full mesh front what is the best pc case top panels allow for unparalleled cooling, making the Meshify C a top choice for performance-oriented builders.

However, what it does come with is a full mesh front and top panel that allow for nearly unrestricted airflow in and out of the case. It comes with a full length PSU shroud, the ability to hold up to seven fans including two fans preinstalledand room for radiators on the front, what does a yield engineer do, and rear of the case.

However, as there are RTX Tis out there that come under The Phanteks Pro M is a nice all-around case that will give you plenty of room to build a high-end system and will also allow you to explore custom liquid cooling, too.

The Pro M also has plenty of options for liquid cooling, too, with support for up to mm radiators and the inclusion of reservoir mounts. Like the Phanteks Pro M, the Hi is also a mid-tower case that has a PSU shroud, a tempered glass side panel, and enough clearance to house a high-end build.

So, really, between those two options, it will come down to your personal preferences on aesthetics to determine which choice is better for you. The Hi can hold graphics cards that are up to The case also comes in three different color schemes: white and black, black, and black and red.

In fact, while we chose the Core X71 as our top value pick, what do blue ivy mean PX can definitely make a case as wellespecially for those of you who have a tighter budget. The PX can hold graphics cards that are as long as The case can also support mm radiators and hold extended-ATX motherboards as well.

So, there really is no limit on what you can put inside of this case. So, ultimately, for a really fair price, you get a lot of high-end features as well as what I think is how to burn a udf dvd with nero nice-looking design, too.

Typically, in most tiered lists, the tier at the bottom represents a poor offering. They are plenty good enough to get the job done. It can easily house a high-end gaming PC and it comes with a full length PSU shroud and an acrylic side panel to help you show off your build. Now, there are a bunch of those options.

It can also hold up to mm AIO coolers. How is that even possible? Right now, PSU shrouds and tempered glass panels are hot features on higher-end cases.

Yet, Cougar has somehow managed that with their MXG.

1. Lian Li Lancool II Mesh

Nov 27, This coverage provides a flyby overview of the best cases weve reviewed or worked on in the past year, but keep in mind that cases dont age like CPUs or GPUs -- many good cases . Jan 12, Our Top Picks for the Best Computer Cases. For a quick look at some of the best PC case options across a handful of different categories, the table below shows our picks for the top options for different use cases. Weve chosen the best overall PC case, the best value option, the top mini-ITX chassis, the best case under $, and the best. Mar 26, Cooler Master's MasterCase SLM is hardy and provides excellent airflow for advanced PC builds. This is a winning case for shoppers looking for .

Get yourself one of the best PC cases out there to properly protect your components and keep them safe from dust, debris, and anything that could get in the way of it functioning correctly. The best PC cases do more than just keep your internal components safe. They provide the kind of expandability with bays and additional space to let you add onto the PC for years, not to mention providing appropriate ventilation to keep things cool inside.

A good case does more than just a way to show off the best processors , the best graphics cards , SSDs , and RAM that make up your computer. The case needs to last the life of your PC. If you don't want to build your own PC , check out our best computers guide. And, be sure to complete your setup with one of the best monitors of Because the world of the best gaming PCs would be nothing if it weren't for decadent PC cases, Corsair has followed up its excellent iCue X from late with the amazing iCue X.

It's got four tempered glass panels, so you can show off your PC build in all its glory, and it's one of the most modular cases we've seen from a mainstream manufacturer, so it's incredibly easy to build in.

Given that the front of the case is entirely made of a mesh material sectioned off into an array of polygonal shapes, the Meshify-C has a unique style without compromising on function. With two fans pre-installed, cooling is forgive us a breeze, even if the Meshify-C is held back by a number of obstacles.

As its name suggests, the Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 has the sole purpose of being quiet as a mouse. The fact that you will never hear it go above 30 decibels is just icing on the very taciturn cake. And, it makes sense why not spring for a small computer that can get just as much work done as a full tower? When you first look at the Phanteks Evolv Shift X, it looks more like a sound bar than one of the best PC cases, but this helps it vanish into any living area or studio setup.

If this case is a little large for your preference, you can get the smaller Phanteks Evolv Shift for easier management. Fractal Design wins again with the Define R5, yet another mid-tower case with a gorgeous aesthetic. The metallic and blue LED-lit face of this case is simple, yet elegant, and is accompanied by noise dampening materials throughout its interior.

Cooler Master is kind of known for, well, cooling things and the Cooler Master HP Mesh is evidence of how it got there. This beautiful RGB-packed case has plenty of room for airflow, even accommodating up to mm radiators on the top and front for when you really want to take your cooling to the next level.

Add on top of that the RGB lighting and tempered glass side panel and you have the potential to build something beautiful with this case. Go for it. You see, Antec partnered with Razer to bring its signature green-infused flare to the Cube, a small form-factor chassis. Complete with a deceptively high amount of space for future expansion, the Antec Cube is also compact enough to travel with. Who says dual-system builds have to be in a hulking full-tower case?

The Phanteks Evolv X takes dual-system compatibility and squeezes it into a mid-tower. It is pricey for a mid-tower case, but with all this functionality, it kind of has to be. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Specifications Form factor: Mid-tower.

Dimensions: mm x mm x mm L x W x H; PSU support: Bottom mount. Reasons to avoid - Runs slightly hotter than similar-sized cases. Dimensions: x x mm L x W x H; Includes: 2 x Dynamic X2 GP Reasons to avoid - USB 3.

Specifications Form factor: Small form factor. Dimensions: x x mm W x H x D; 15 x 7. Includes: 2 x mm fans, 2 x modular HDD cages for up to five hard drives.

Reasons to avoid - Not many extras. Dimensions: x x mm 8. Mobo compatibility: Mini-ITX. Reasons to avoid - Slightly pricey. Dimensions: x x mm W x H x D; 6. Dimensions: x x mm W x H x D; x x inches. Reasons to avoid - Definitely not tool-less. Specifications Form factor: Full-tower.

Includes: 2x x 25mm RGB fan, 1x x 25mm fan. Reasons to avoid - Not as big as other full towers. Includes: 1 x mm LED front fan. Reasons to avoid - Only includes 1 case fan. Antec Cube The best PC cube case. Dimensions: x x mm H x W x D; Includes: 1 x mm rear exhaust fan mount. Reasons to avoid - Wildly expensive - Less than satisfactory performance. Dimensions: x x mm W x H x D; 9. Includes: 3 x Premium mm fans. Reasons to avoid - Expensive. See more Computing components news.

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