What is the flag of norway

what is the flag of norway

Norway Flag

An expression of local opposition to the Swedish rule imposed on Norway, it consisted of the red Danish flag with its white cross, long used in Norway, with the addition of the Norwegian arms (a golden crowned lion holding an ax) in the upper hoist canton. In the Norwegian parliament developed the distinctive design in use today, although it faced a year struggle to obtain Swedish recognition of its legitimacy. Download flag of Norway; The design of the Norwegian flag with the Scandinavian cross in the center is similar to the other Nordic flags. In case of Norway, the cross is blue with white framing, placed on a red background. The cross is not isosceles, it reaches the edges of the flag and the shorter arm is located closer to the left side of the flag.

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Links: TwitterblogYouTube. Alex is an accredited Flag If journalist. Alex How to change outlook 2013 themeNorway. The Dutch flag is o, so is that of France inspired by the Dutch flag if the flag of Norway is indeed designed in and used afterwards.

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The flag of Norway is red with azure blue Scandinavian cross fimbriae in white that spreads to the edges of the flag; the perpendicular portion of Norway flag has cross is shifted to the hoist side in the elegance of the Dannenberg, the flag of Denmark. The Norwegian flag is a white-fimbriated blue Nordic cross on a red field. The used colors in the flag are blue, red, white. The used colors in the flag are blue, red, . Flag of Norway - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia. The flag of Norway (Norwegian: Norges flagg) is red with an indigo blue Scandinavian cross fimbriated in white that extends to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrog, the flag of Denmark.

The flag of Norway was adopted in the 19th century, on July 17, It is made of a red background and has a blue cross superimposed on a white cross so that the white cross outlines the blue color the Scandinavian cross. The flag has a proportion of for width to the length. The colors of the flag of Norway are believed to have been influenced by the flags of the US, Britain, and France with the colors associated with independence and liberty.

The cross is common among the Scandinavian countries and represents the link with other Scandinavian countries. Like most flags around the world, each color and symbol on the Norwegian flag bears meaning to the people.

The Nordic cross represents Christianity which is the man religion in the whole region. The white and red colors represented the union that Norway had with Denmark. The Blue color that makes up the cross represents Norway's union with Sweden before they gained autonomy, a symbolism that expresses their love for peace and amicable relations with each other. The combination of the three colors was something they borrowed from the France where the colors represent liberty.

The flag currently in use was adopted in and was designed by Fredrik Meltzer, who was a Danish member of parliament. The Norwegian flag owes its origins to the old monarchy that used to have their flag. However, by the s ships from the region started flying the flag on the masts as a way of identifying themselves, back then the flag was red with a silver halberd and a golden lion as the emblems.

For a period that lasted from the 16th century to circa, Norway used the same flag as Denmark owing to the union that the two countries had at the time. When Norway finally became a separate state from its Scandinavian neighbors in , the current flag became the official state flag.

The flag is hoisted during festivals, and special occasions and the affair is often accompanied by the singing of the national anthem or a bugle call. The National Coat of Arms dates from the Middle Ages and features an upright, yellow crowned lion rampant, holding a white and yellow axe on a red shield. Above the shield is a crown with a cross.

It's one of the oldest in all of Europe and originated as a personal coat of arms for the royal family. After slight adjustments over time, the current version shown was approved by the King of Norway on May 20, The currently recognized national anthem of Norway is Ja, vi elsker dette landet Yes, we love this country , also called "Song for Norway".

The song has held the status of being Norway's national anthem since the earlier parts of the 20th century. No official national anthems are recognized in Norway, but multiple anthems have been publicly recognized for a span of almost years. The first public performance of the song was held on May 17th, , during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Norway's constitution. The first and last two stanzes of the songs are the only ones that are commonly sung. In , the media started dubbing Ole Paus' Mitt lille land as the "new" national anthem of the country, with the song being played countless of times after the Norway attacks occurred.

Despite what the media has portrayed, Ja, vi elsker dette landet still remains as the most widely recognized national anthem by the Norwegian people.

The song is also met with controversy due to the fact that it was used as an anthem by Nazi collaborators for propaganda. Over time, Germans banned the use of Ja, vi elsker dette landet.

The official currency of Norway and its dependent territories is the Norwegian krone plural kroner , which uses the sign kr and the code NOK. As of April , the krone was ranked as the 13 th most traded currency in the world.

Its ranking had dropped down three positions from The coins that are currently legal tender are 1, 5, 10, 20 kr. Kroner banknotes were first introduced in in the denominations of 5, 10, 50, , and kroner. The current banknotes in circulation are in the denominations of 50, , , , kr. Compared to the other currencies around the world, the value of the Norwegian krone tends to vary rather significantly on a year to year basis.

This is associated with the fluctuations in interest rates and oil prices. The Norwegian krone reached record levels in against the United States dollar and the euro. For example, on January 2, , kroner was worth The change is explained by high oil prices and and a 7 percent increase in the interest rate on July 4, At that time, Norway was considered the world's third largest oil exporter.

In early , the US dollar started depreciating against all other major currencies across the world, which made the Norwegian krone stronger than in comparison to the USD. Since then, the USD has recovered its value and has been standing at 8. The krone was initially introduced back in , and replaced the Norwegian speciedaler, and it was valued at 1 speciedaler being equal to 4 kroner.

This paved the way for Norway to become part of the Scandinavian Monetary Union that was created in The union was dissolved in , after which the former member countries chose to keep the names of their respective currencies. These included Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and since then, all these countries have had their separate currencies. However, the standard was brought to a permanent ban in , and the krone was instead pegged to the British pound, at a rate of In , the krone was temporarily pegged to the US dollar at a rate of 4.

Denmark-Norway Union Flag Red banner with white cross. Flag of Kingdom of Norway Red banner with white cross and lion holding on to a spear on canton.

Norske mann i hus og hytte, takk din store Gud! Yes, we love this country as it rises forth, rugged, weathered, above the sea, with the thousands of homes. Love, love it and think of our father and mother and the saga night that sends dreams to our earth. Norwegian man in house and cabin, thank your great God! The country he wanted to protect, although things looked dark.

All the fights fathers have fought, and the mothers have wept, the Lord has quietly moved so we won our rights. Yes, we love this country as it rises forth, rugged, weathered, above the sea, with those thousand homes. And as the fathers' struggle has raised it from need to victory, even we, when it is demanded, for its peace will encamp for defence.

Norwegian krone Banknote Norwegian 50 kroner Banknote. Norwegian krone Coin Norwegian 1 krone Coin. Norwegian speciedaler Coin Norwegian 1 speciedaler Coin. Indiana Territory. Northwest Territory. George's Channel. Sea Islands, United States. Balkan Countries. Mangrove Forest.

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