What type of gas do animals need to stay alive

what type of gas do animals need to stay alive

This is the only known animal that doesn’t need oxygen to survive

What gas do animals need to stay alive Why do they need it Turn and Talk What from AA 1. This is the type of gas that animals' bodies need to stay alive. oxygen This liquid is needed by most cars and trucks to run. gasoline You might pour this thick, red liquid on a hot dog or hamburger. ketchup When atoms are in this state of matter, they fly around freely. gas Super Teacher Worksheets - freedatingloves.come Size: KB.

Breathing is essential for animals to stay alive. Or neec we thought. Multicellular organisms use oxygen to produce energy, a process that anikals in the mitochondria.

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What Do Animal byMike Pogue In their habitats, animals find food, water, shelter, and a place to raise their young. Bald eagles need water to find the fish they eat. They need large trees for their big nests. In winter, they need shelter from cold winds at night. Here is a Missing: gas. "Now that we've discussed that animals need food to survive and the different types of food animals need, who can name the second factor necessary for animals to survive. Water is the second factor necessary for animals to survive. Make a list of different areas water can be obtained by animals. Puddles, springs, streams, and ponds are places. To survive, what gas do we need to breathe in? oxygen. Can a plant stay alive without light? no, because a plant needs C02 to live thaat it uses as the waste product. what is fermentation? what does animals need to survive? animals need glucose,O2,and H what is C6H12O6+6O2. glucose.

Asked by Wiki User. Animal must brethe to survive. This gas is the waste given off by plants. Yes carbon dioxide. Our breathing rate is controled by the medulla oblangata and it does so by checking the level of carbon dioxide that is present in the blood.

If someone is drowning and is pulled from the water and the person is not breathing it is recommended that CPR or oral resuscitation is performed. The amount of CO2 that the resuscitater is breathing into the resuscitatee will trigger a reaction in the medulla oblangata that will cause the muscles of the lungs to start working again.

Oxygen is the gas humans and animals need to breathe in. No, Neptune is a gas planet and no animals could survive there. All living beings need oxygen to live on earth. Carbon dioxide CO2 gas is given off by animals when they breath out. Cows can't survive on gas alone. Neither can humans. Both cows and humans need food and water to survive, not just oxygen which is a gas we breathe.

Cutaneous gas exchange. To us, Oxygen is the most important gas since we need to breathe it to survive. Methane is given off by animals as a waste gas.

Also, symbollically, it seems to be the essence of 'the breath of life', which God breathed into Man upon his creation. Many people in big cities breathe polluted air.

You can breathe anything that's in the form of a gas, or particles dispersed in gas For any gas, the question you want to ask is "How long can you survive while you breathe it? In other words, polluted air kills people. Not in a minute, not in an hour, and not in a day. But people don't live as long in polluted air, and that's exactly the same as saying that polluted air kills people. Yes I do like marriage. She died in a Gas Chamber. She couldn't breathe because the bathrooms were filled with Zyklon B.

Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Anonymous Answered Related Questions. What gas do humans and animals need to breathe in? What gas do you breathe to survive? What gas animals breathe out? What gas do animals breathe out? Can animals survive on Neptune? What gas must animals breathe to live? What gas do humans and animals breathe out? What gas is given off by animals when they breathe out?

Why can cows survive on gas but humans cant? What gas is used by people and other animals as they breathe? What gas do trees produce that animals need for function? What is kind of gas given out by plants which helps animals to breathe?

What is it called when animals breathe through their skin? What is the most important gas that is contained in the air? What gas does plants produce that animals need to survive? What type of gas do animals and people need to survive? Animals give off what gas as waste products but need oxygen to survive?

What products of photosynthesis do animals need to survive? Why is oxygen necessary? Can you breathe polluted air why? What gas do plants produce during photosynthesis that animals need to survive? What gas is produced by photosynthesis that animals need to survive?

Why didn't Hana Brady survive? What fish has modified gas bladders that act as lungs allowing it to breathe air and survive for months without water? You breathe out a gas called what? Trending Questions What's the most outdated thing you still use today? How many grams of carbs are recommended per day? What are some adjectives that begin with the letter O? How x pixels in inches? Do you have to pay to start a website? Give me food and I will live give me water and I will die what am I?

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